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Amborus Reapers

Harvesting the seeds of the Amborus blossom in The Amber Plains is a hard, tedious and sometimes even dangerous occupation. Only the Amborus Reapers, mostly dressed in their iconic brown clothing, take on the difficult job of traversing the plains at night, collecting the precious seeds. Afterwards they sell it to traders in the surrounding cities reaping in the profit of their hard work.


For the few nights around full moon each month, from Xantar's Dawn till Cyrocs Dusk, reapers travel the plains, looking for the reddish-brown colored blossom. During this time, they live in the wild, sleeping during the day and working the whole night. Most of the reapers work alone, since the job itself, picking flower seeds, can be done by one person. Following the harvesting of the valuable seeds, they proceed to sell them in one of the cities near the amber plains. Before returning to the grassland, the reapers restock on the supplies and recharge their energy for a few days. During the winter time they mostly return to their families all over the continent.
Being exposed to different kind of weathers, like working during the cold nights in spring and sleeping through the burning sun on summer days, being a reaper is an exhausting profession. Because of the hardship, the irregular income and the nine month cycle, not many humans. and even less dwarves, choose to live this way.

Dangers of the Job

Many bad things can happen to a reaper while he's out on the amber plains harvesting the precious seeds. While most of them are experienced enough to prepare for bad weather, or even know when to not go out harvesting because of storms, sometimes one of them gets surprised by a quick storm or a cold snap. Also in rare cases during fall a flash flood can happen in the plains, washing away the reaper and his harvest.
Another danger is brought by the many predatory species living in the plains, of which are most big enough to overpower one lonely human at night. To defend themselves the reapers dress in brown as it is the color of most of the amber plains. Also most of them are trained in fighting with spears and bows, as they also hunt their meals during their travels. But still, a hungry Ixar can still attack and win against one of the harvesters.
But the biggest threat to the reapers are the bandits living in or around the plains. Often they track the reapers and steal their harvest, selling it themselves for profit in the next town. Since most of the reapers depend on the profit each month, these encounters often end deadly.

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Sage Tris
Tris (necromancertris)
31 Jan, 2022 23:37

It's the first time I see a brown colour being described as iconic :D   This is a very interesting profession because I don't think many worlds or cultures out there would view "picking some flowers" as a dangerous job such as this. I think this is a really unique take on a part of society that many others might overlook. It's a cool combination!   (Also, I really, really love the name of your world.)