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Arcane Legion

The Arcane Legion was founded shortly after their successful creation by Dr. Listae in the 22nd century. The five families formed an alliance and elected a hereditary leader: the seat of the chieftain (or chieftainess). This seat was held by the Holub family until the heir, a female, married into the Blair line. The Holublair line was created, and the house of the chief came to bear the name. Upon the establishment of the leader, the Arcanes created the hierarchy that would become the military might of the Arcane Legion. For many years, the Legion operated in complete secrecy to cleanse society of muties. Their existence was only common in legend among ordinary people. The Legion originated in America but branched into Europe in answer to a distress call from the EU.


Cheiftain, who is also the Chief Commander General; Hereditary Councilmen (Family representatives Electorate Councilmen; Elders; General of Arcane Humans; Commander of Bows, Blades, Blacks; Patrol/Battalion Captain; First of Bows, Blades, Blacks

Public Agenda

Main motivation is the protection of society from bioengineered beings (muties). Their second order of business is keeping themselves secret and fading back into legend so that they are no longer hunted.


Arcane Council, which is hidden in the Black Forests of Europe; Control of Biruitor Obaith and the Educational College there; Legion members, number unknown; Camps Evelyn and Syllvan Caecus, military grounds designed to house and train troops; Arcane runners, muties of enhanced intelligence that act as couriers; Arcane horses, muties of above average intelligence and bonds with their riders.


Formed by the Five Families, expanded to Europe, grew in numbers unril the genocide began, birthed the future queen of the East, chieftain's family killed, queen birthed twin heirs, Crown Princess Aife becomes chieftainess and Chief Commander General, Eastern Civil War calls all Arcanes into service of the Legion, Aife takes the throne as first ruler of both the Arcanes and fullhumans.

Legis Foederum Praesidio Honora

Secret, Military
Alternative Names
Arcane Police, Arcane Army
Arcanes, Arcanese
Related Ethnicities

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