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Kilian Olivia Quinn

Estelle Kilian Olivia Quinn (Leoline) (a.k.a. Private Quinn, Black Hood)

Kilian Olivia Quinn is an Estelle of Northal and heir of the Holublair family. Adopted by the Aanjays as an infant, Quinn was educated and housed at the Estate of Biruitor Obaith until the outbreak of the Eastern Civil War. She trained at Camp Evelynn until its completion, then became a scout for the battalion she would create and lead. Private Quinn of the Black Battalion became a mythical figure of terror to the Imperials, as she was practically a ghost. Named with the rank of Private to protect her identity, Quinn led all intelligence, reconaissance, covert, assassination, and undercover operations during the ECW. She was the sole heir to Queen Aife until the birth of Greyce and Caelynn and is third in line to the Northalian throne.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Enhanced auditory sensitivity

Mental characteristics


Educated at the College of Biruitor Obaith until relocation to Camp Evelynn. Finished martial training at Camp Evelynn with all further education completed on the fields of war. She is an avid reader with a thirst for knowledge, meaning she views her education as ongoing in her career.


Quinn led the Black Battalion of the Arcane Legion during the Eastern Civil War. Following the coronation of her cousin, Queen Aife, Quinn became head of Intelligence (spymaster) for the Northalian throne.

Intellectual Characteristics

A born strategist, Quinn is highly intelligent. Her intellectual capabilities far outstrip those of her siblings and cousin. She possesses a natural curiosity and affinity for stealth, making her an ideal covert operative. Quinn is autistic, preferring shadows and solitude to noise and over-stimulation. She is quiet and introverted, but capable of making people listen due to her typically calm demeanor and wisdom beyond her years. Outside her family, she is known to be strange and quirky to those who do not understand her. Her quirks contribute to her genius, even if her social skills are seen as below-par. Her mother allows society to believe she was a traumatized orphan to explain her reticence and awkwardness and avoid discovery of her unique capabilities.


Family Ties

  • Daughter of Latanya Holublaire, heir to Lupei Holublair, Chieftain of the Arcane Legion
  • Daughter of Tirion Leoline, second son of King Caelin of Northal and brother to Emperor Alaric Leoline
  • Cousin of Aife Adelaide Llewellyn and Donovan Caelin, Estelle and Estel to the Northalian throne
  • Niece of Damaris Llewellyn, the Wolf of Northal, exiled Queen of Northal
  • Niece of Emperor Alaric Leoline of Auroria Imperiu
  • Adopted daughter of Cierra and Robert Aanjay of the Estate of Biruitor Obaith
  • Sister (adopted) of Greyson Aanjay, General of the Arcane Legion and King of Northal
  • Sister of Megan and Audrey Aanjaye
  • Aunt of Greyce and Caelynn Aanjaye (Leoline)

Arcane Humans
Arcane Human
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Estelle of Northal
Circumstances of Birth
Born to Latanya Holublaire and Tirion Leoline, after her father's death and shortly before her mother's. Left at the College by Latanya who knew the child would not survive without the legal protections behind the College.
Biological Sex
Leaf green
Wheat-blonde, straight, shoulder length
Aligned Organization
Arcane Legion
Known Languages
Esset, Sindron

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