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Estate House and Educational College of Biruitor Obaith

The seat of the Grey family for generations; also the best school in the Eastern Empire. The grounds of this Estate are protected from governmental presence, therefore making it the perfect location for the training of young Arcanes.

Purpose / Function

To house and educate the young Eastern Elite, freely .including Arcanes


Aife Llewellyn, Greyson Aanjay, Megan Aanjaye, Kilian Quinn, Cierra Aanjaye, Audrey Aanjaye, Jairdan Einar


The College building was erected when the persecution of Arcanes began. This allowed the Arcanes to train and live separately from the prying eyes of the political elites.


The Estate House is a large limestone structure, built in the style of many great English Estates such as Crishel or Chatsworth house. Inside, it contains three main floors and an attic. It boasts a sizeable ballroom, library, kitchen, dining room, offices, studies, training rooms, and dormitories. The College, also made of limestone, is an old castle-keep style building with four round towers at each corner and a courtyard in the middle. It contains classrooms, dormitories, a great hall, and all the trappings of a school.

Alternative Names
Estate House; the College; ECBO
Parent Location
Biruitor Obaith
Owning Organization
Arcane Legion

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