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Adina Meryllyn Elvira

Princess, Tehryun Adina Meryllyn Elvira (Eskarillion) (a.k.a. Addy)

Adina Elvira - Hero of the East.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Somewhat fragile, but has the characteristic litheness of the Wintrettes.

Body Features

Very pale skin tone, but not quite Winter White because of her mixed race.

Facial Features

Heart-shaped face, button nose, smallish mouth- dainty features

Identifying Characteristics

Eventually gets the Wintrish tattoos of a Tehryun on her arms.

Apparel & Accessories

Prefers the ice blue of Eidurne, but wears Arcanese armour at the Estate. She ties her hair with a blue ribbon.

Specialized Equipment

Fights with a stone-tipped staff; is gifted a set of Wintrish hand armor by Ella which she wears in combat

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 3000 to Wintrish Princess Aadana and a Uralian cloth merchant by the name of Elvira. To the great sorrow of Aadana, her half-fullhuman daughter would not have been accepted in Eidurne. She grew up in City 7, Uralia Supplier alongside the Llewellyn twins. In 3015, she married after the departure of Aife Llewellyn and gave birth to a son, Finnian Elvira, after the death of her husband. In 3016, she undertook the journey to Biruitor Obaith where she and Finn took up residence in the Estate House. She trained under Cierra and Greyson Aanjay in staff fighting and relocated to help build Camps Evelynn-Syllvan Caecus in 3017. Finn remained at the Estate House under the care of Jairdan Einar and Audrey Aanjaye throughout Addy's involvement in the conflict. During Camp construction, she met Arcane Warrior James Ellistar. Following the establishment of the Camps, she trained into the Staff Corps of the Arcane Legion and served in the Fullhuman Sector under General Lindemann. Her cousin, Qatriella Nidawii, joined the ranks shortly after the beginning of Addy's active combat tenure, prompting a transfer to the Arcane Sector to fight alongside her kinsman. She and Ellistar were engaged to be married shortly after her transfer and with the need for a morale boost in the Legion, the couple married on the training grounds of Camp Evelynn. Jaycee Ellistar was born to the couple in 3018 and Adina died at the end of the year, shortly before the conclusion of the Eastern Civil War.


Piano lessons (proficient), basic literacy gained through lessons with Damaris Llewellyn, Educational College of Biruitor Obaith lessons on moving beyond basic to proficient literacy

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Marriage to first husband, undertook journey to Obaith with infant son at the age of 16, escaping alcoholic father and oppressive Uralian government

Mental Trauma

Alcoholic father, widowed young

Intellectual Characteristics

Observant, logical, level-headed, resilient, determined

Morality & Philosophy

Addy isn't as black-and-white as Aife--she understands good people can do 'bad' things to accomplish their goals. This was established by her questionable marriage to a husband at the age of 15 who was killed early (about 3 mo.) and never met his son. Aife found her decision heinous, knowing that marriage in City 7 is a death knell to the husband, but Addy knew that he would be disgraced otherwise. Her respect for the small, underrepresented, underprivileged, and unheard voices made her a social justice warrior in the midst of a Civil War. She often expressed concerns for the people and civilians that were overlooked by the well-meaning but militant Arcane Legion.

Personality Characteristics


She feels injustice strongly, especially the genocide of the Arcanes and the Emperor's attempts on her best friend's life. She fights besides those she calls family because they ask her to, not because she must. Once she discovers her heritage, she fights for her own people's freedom from the oppressive society of Eidurne.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Thinks the best of everyone, cannot tell when she is being deceived, is all that is good and kind, is inclined toward forgiveness.


Contacts & Relations

Raised by Damaris Llewellyn alongside Aife and Caelin. Friends with the Aanjay family.

Family Ties

Daughter of Aadana Iskarel and Elvira; wife of James Ellistar; mother of Finnian Elvira and Jaycee Ellistar; cousin of Tiadana Nidawii; second cousin of Qatriella, Melchizedek and MireLee Nidawii; niece of Tatyana Eskarillion

Wealth & Financial state

She leaves Supplier penniless, lives as a soldier in Obaith, and dies married to a penniless soldier.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Tehryun Adina, Ljdj Adina
3000 3018 18 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born in Biruitor (?) to Elvira, a fullhuman, and Aadana, a Wintrette noblewoman. Her parents met on business in the City but Aadana chose not to take a half-fullhuman child back to Eidurne, leaving her with Elvira to return to Uralia.
Circumstances of Death
Death in Battle
Current Residence
Estate House of Biruitor Obaith
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Ice blue
Pale blonde, wavy, medium length
Skin Tone
120 lbs
Aligned Organization
Arcane Legion
Known Languages
Esset, basic Sindron
Character Prototype
Mixture of Jane Bennet, Ella "Cinderella", and Earwen of Alqualonde

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