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Aife Adelaide Llewellyn

Chief Commander General Aife Adelaide Llewellyn (a.k.a. Aifey, Rebel, Knife)

The firstborn child of Emperor Alaric Leoline and Queen Damaris, Aife is the elder twin of Donovan Caelin and the legal heir to the Northalian throne and Eastern Empire. Aife is desperate for one thing: glory in battle. But that is difficult to achieve when you are a girl living in one of the poorest regions of the Eastern Empire. When she is 15, Aife's dreams seem to come true. She is drafted on the Supply List and is headed for Africa. Before she can celebrate, her mother whisks her away and tells her to escape to Biruitor Obaith. Hopes seemingly crushed, she trusts in her mother's wishes and flees City 7 for the glory of the City of Victorious Hope. There, she meets an ill-mannered boy, a cocksure spitfire who becomes her trusted partner in battle, and the childhood best friend of her mother. While she is unaware of her significance in the Empire, the other residents of the Estate are not. She is trained, schooled, and prepared for her life as a warrior. But that is where her life truly begins.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Thin and ragged when she arrives in Obaith, but with training she bulks up to a hefty frame. She becomes a mass of muscle and cuts an intimidating figure. She is afflicted with a persistent foot pain due to a mis-healed break.

Body Features

Slightly darker, eastern European skin with dark blonde hair.

Identifying Characteristics

Scar that snakes from the bridge to tip of her nose

Physical quirks

Right hand, left foot, left eye dominant. Chews her lips and cheeks when nervous.

Special abilities

Advanced memory (long-term), hearing (somewhat)

Apparel & Accessories

Her boots are her prized possession from her mother. She dresses in the layers of arcanese armour. Her other well-known apparel is her ball gown which is royal blue with silver vines on the skirt hemline and bodice.

Specialized Equipment

Black blade-tipped bow and silver-inlaid arrows; Heir's Blade (copy)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Daughter of Alaric and Damaris Leoline. Born in Amandla Decha, Northal; has a twin named Donovan Caelin; fled to City 7, Stark, Uralia Supplier as a baby; lived there until age 15 when she fled to Biruitor Obaith.


Educational College of Biruitor Obaith; trained under T. Commander Greyson Aanjay in the warrior arts


Blacksmith's Apprentice (3016-3017)

Accomplishments & Achievements

Too many to count! She is hailed as: Champion streetfighter of Supplier Victor of the Eastern Civil War Finder of the Keys Mother of twins

Failures & Embarrassments

She fails often in training. She fails to save her brother, and some of her close friends. She fails in missions, school, and rule-following.

Mental Trauma

Hates ravens with a passion (traumatized as a child), goes through a war, torture, and develops severe atychiphobia.

Intellectual Characteristics

Hotheaded, but has an excellent memory. She has a mind for tactics and strategy, but does not perform well in school. Lacks in focus and concentration. She does not receive formal schooling until age 15, leaving many gaps in her education.

Morality & Philosophy

"There will always be those who are less fortunate then us, but that in no way puts us and our lives above them and theirs. I fight for those who cannot, not for myself. If I could save even one life it would make mine worth living." WARRIOR'S PLEDGE: "I pledge my allegiance to my people, and pledge my protection of them and the law as far as I may. I honor my life and the lives of others, and strive to free the people from the same dangers that we ourselves face. I do not value power above lives, as I know I am above none and beneath none."

Personality Characteristics


Wishes only for glory at the beginning, but soon develops a deep belief in the Arcane philosophy of protecting the weak. She realizes the only way to fully do this and stop the suffering of the people is to usurp the throne.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Incredible at hand-to-hand combat, completely hopeless at...

Likes & Dislikes

HATES ravens with a passion

Virtues & Personality perks

Quick mind, authoritative, strategist

Vices & Personality flaws

Takes criticism personally, tries to handle too much on her own, tries to do things she knows she can't because she really wants to be able to do said action...

Personality Quirks

Chews lips and cheeks when nervous


Contacts & Relations

Mother: Damaris Holublaire-Leoline ; Father: Alaric Leoline ; Brother: Donovan Caelin Leoline ; Spouse: Greyson Kahlhan Aanjay ; Children: Greyce Fenna and Caelynn Isana Aanjaye ; Extended Family: Kilian Olivia Quinn (Leoline; cousin Bethann and Jameson Holublair (cousins Celadore, James, and Kajnd Holublair (Uncles Laila Holublaire (aunt Tirion and Latanya Leoline (uncle and aunt Lupei and Danikka Holublair (grandparents Caelin and Imogen Leoline (grandparents) ; Best Friend: Adina Meryllyn Elvira ; Meillure Demie: Megan Megedagik Aanjaye ; Various Acquaintances: Lady Belthorne, Cierra Greye, Jairdan Einar, Clancy Belthorne, James Ellistar, Annie Hunter,

Family Ties

Holublaire Family ; Leoline Dynasty ; Grey Family (by marriage) ; Aanjay Family (by marriage)

Social Aptitude

Not at all well-mannered. Can speak refined Esset, but has very little manners to speak of. She can charm the pants off an adult or diplomat, but people her own age are a bit trickier for her to talk to.

Hobbies & Pets

Tracen, her Arcane Horse and Ofur, her cat ; hobbies include reading, smithing, and riding.

Wealth & Financial state

Once she is crowned Queen, she has access to all royal treasuries and residencies. During her short reign, she attempts to redistribute the taxes that were illegally collected to the poorest regions. She focuses on rebuilding after the war and compensating all of the veterans' families.

Chaotic good
Arcane Humans
Arcane Human
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chief Commander General of the Arcane Legion; Chieftainess of the Arcane Humans; Estelle/Princess; Queen of Northal; Empress of the East
3000 3020 20 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Firstborn of Emperor Alaric and Queen Damaris
Circumstances of Death
The most valiant of deaths for a woman.
Az-Shealynn Palace, Amandla Decha, Northal, Empire of the East
Current Residence
Biruitor Obaith
Biological Sex
Well, she eventually marries a dude.
Gender Identity
Steel blue
Medium-long, extremely curly, rose gold
Skin Tone
Dark olive, spotty/specked/patchy
140 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If you see someone in need and deny them help or turn the other way, then you have committed a grievance as poor as a turncoat."
Aligned Organization
Arcane Legion
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Fluent in Esset, working knowledge of Sindron.

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