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Arcane Human

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Megedakik Aife Cierra

Masculine names

Greyson William Tristyn

Unisex names


Family names

Holub Blaire Holublair Cordwood Blackwren Grey (Aanjay)


Major language groups and dialects

Sindron (Arcanese) Esset (Eastern dialect)

Common Dress code

Dress in layers: Armour- undergarments, bases, warmth layer, leathers, metal, effects (wolf coat included) Formal- undergarments, bases, dress uniform, overdress (wolf coat included), effects. Mostly Black.


Gender Ideals

Males and females are both warriors. Equality is believed to make the best balance of fighting forces. Genders are trained separately in war camps, then put against each other. Arcanes are not bothered by non traditionnel genders so long as the person is ready and willing to serve.

Related Organizations

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