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The Secrianis, a matter we can nearly consider as one of the easiest to make, but also a keystone of the Grimms and Grimmz societies.  


  Secrianis is basically the principle of infusing Grimmis into a material, but further than only rocks, peoples also try to infuse it into more or less everything. What's interesting is that each material has its differences, but some emanate more frequently than the rest.  
Eh ? You want to know why Secrianis is good ? Meh..

First, know that Secrianis is not an item, it's a way of working materials. For example, a common type of Secrianis is iron Secrianis, extremely used by the Grimms as it basically increase by 34 times the resistance of the material against most things, in exchange of making it a bit more brittle.

If you're not stupid, you can easily understand that Secrianis can be understood as a new ion for materials, but not only for atoms, making slightly to huge differences with its normal counterpart. In the same power, the 3800 years old coal more or less precisely, infused with Secrianis is very researched as the heat and energy liberated are.. Huge, around 13 to 14 times the power of Grenidium which is, well, one of the best combustible of the world.

Still, most people simply use it as a Grimmis storage, but it can go further.
— Koljack'Kilbyn, Grimmis Graphilis Writer


On the first positive aspect of Secrianis, it is easy to make, even the most stupidest Grimmis user can infuse a random rock. Additionally, the Secrianis is basically something easy to hold individually, as it's like said upward ; A lil'rock for most. Still, it has a big curve of progression (based on the scale of the material) and an extreme versatility (depending the material), only equalized artificially by Essentia users and Graphilis Writer.


Secrianis has major defaults, including firstly the nearly consumption of the material used, but also the loss of energy upon time due well.. To the energetic nature of the Grimmis. But also, a secondary problem people often don't think is the place millions of pieces of Secrianis rocks take.. It's huge. Very huge. And since it's a regular material, often rocks, the pebble pile is heavy and hard to move on massive quantities, and even more than regular pebbles since destroying too deeply Secrianis can cause chain reactions and catastrophes. Because of this, more and more Grimms are passing to an another way of stocking Grimmis, even a more costly option, such as the Obniojos

Common Matter and Costs :


Main Dates

  • First Secrianis Created : -2423
  • First Natural Secrianis Discovered : -2204
  • First Chained Pillar :697

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