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The Second Core

A second set of "core worlds". Founded around Shiumri and Provident, these systems are entirely aligned to the Coalition, and rival The Core Worlds in capability and industry.'   The ten most populated planets (including orbital population) in the region are:
  • Shiumri, 21 billion
  • Kash Na Viu, 20 billion
  • New Rome, 18 billion
  • Gai, 17 billion
  • Parena, 11 billion
  • Mguilo Juin, 10 billion
  • Speculare, 8 billion
  • Agamemnon, 5 billion
  • Reach, 2 billion
  • Appropriate Region, 981 million.
  • Total population, including Dyson Swarms, is approximately 670 billion people.


    Formed over the few centuries after Shiumri was colonized, and developed from there to where it is now.
    Alternative Name(s)
    Shiumri's Bubble
    Star System Sector

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