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Essentially extremely small machines and robots, usable for a variety of applications. The name is a bit of misnomer, since the machines aren't nanometer-size. The smallest only are micrometers, and the bigger ones can be a centimeter or so.   The Precursors also make use of nanomachines, although theirs are much, much smaller. So much so, they deserve the title of nanomachine, being around the size of a DNA helix.


Exceptionally varied. Used in manufacturing, repairs, monitoring, medicine, weapons, and a million more uses. Different sizes are used for different purposes. Manufacturing machines are usually a centimeter or so large, while medicinal ones are barely blood cell-sized. The desing and materials also vary based on the purpose and circumstanses.


Mass-produced in factories, often by other nanomachines. Many are also capable of self-replication from available materials.

Social Impact

Massive, on par with fusion power or the industrial revolution. Massively eased production and mining, radical life-extension, and plenty more.
Access & Availability
Mostly accessible, different uses more or less so. Assembly machines, mostly larger, the size of a pencil's tip, are very common, whereas medical nanomachines, which are cell-sized, are much more expensive and in limited supply in places like Ochtotne Prime.
Pretty god damn complex. The machines themselves are entire individual robots, just minimized.
Developed in the early 22nd century.


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