Saint's Rest

Gravity 1 g
Radius 6200 km
Day Length 22 h 49 m
Surface Temperature Min -10 Mean 21 Max 45
Moons 2 - Mother White, Father Black
Government Council of Chieftains, Council of Prophets.
Affiliation Disputed
Population Approx. 20.000

  Wide open plains, deep forests, wide rivers and white beaches, Saint's Rest would have been optimal for colonization if not for the Systems Alliance's First Contact Protocols expressly forbidding colonizing planets with sapient lifeforms. As such, though orbital scans revealed plenty of opportunities for colonizing, Saint's Rest remained untouched by foreigners until 70 years ago a Unity Church ship, fleeing persecution, crash-landed on the planet. Here, Saint Joseph Marmillion was greeted by the native population and nursed back to health. Going against Systems Alliance protocol, he repaired enough of his ship to send a message to his congregation to come to the planet and make it their new home.
Unfortunately for the natives, the Unity Church colonizers brought with them a strain of Winter Pox which, over the course of ten years, reduced the native population by up to as much as 70%. The realization that the disease was brought by outsiders caused violent clashes between Unionists and natives, eventually causing Union Church sympathizers in the Systems Alliance to deploy troops to the planet to protect the colonizers. The ensuing fighting further damaged relations between natives and Systems Alliance soldiers and colonizers.
While the Systems Alliance still haven't officially sanctioned colonization of Saint's Rest, the general agreement is that the genie is out of the bottle and that pursuing it any further only distracts from larger issues facing it.
Saint's Rest contains a multitude of small farming and ranching communities, with no major metropolitan areas. The natives are largely tribal and migratory, subsisting on hunting and scavenging although some tribes have learned farming and ranching techniques from the Union Church colonizers.
The local Union Church branch occasionally holds congregational meetings in the town of Saint's Landing, where a small trading port acts as point of contact for starships landing on the planet.
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