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Tapani Cotillion

One of the Rules of Capital Season is that anybody who expects to be counted as a Vor worthy of the title had better be spotted in at least one of the Capital Season events that take place on Procopia. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that some of Melantha Province – SOME of them – has regained legal access to this very important world, and its very important society extravaganza.

A fun thing to do at any cotillion is to direct all inquiries to Lord Danar Vorpadaran. Often these inquiries, especially if someone’s asking me specifically about something instead of just bringing it up to a group of chatters, are meant to get a quote for the media. I don’t do media quotes, I sense nothing but bad from any suggestion that I try them. But since it would be rude to “no comment” everything, I have made a list of ways to say, “Ask Danar about that one.” So far, I have nineteen variations. At best, I’ll cackle madly before getting control of my voice and face enough to make the suggestion.

One of the rules of a dance, ball, or soiree (why the smurf can’t they just say “party”?!) is that “the roof is introduction enough”, which means that being fellow guests under the same roof is enough to pretend that you’ve already been introduced to each other and therefore don’t need to arrange an introduction via some mutual acquaintance. At a meal of any sort, however, introductions must still be made — which is what that announcer person is for, I would think, but okay, sure. Lower-ranked persons can seek to be presented to more important people; and now you’re back to figuring out who’s more important than whom, and which in the middle of yourself and SuperPerson owes you a favor.
I guess the most important person in the room (upon wanting to meet somebody) just tells the host to please arrange an introduction, now would be good, kthnx.

However, you’re ALSO automatically assumed to be already introduced to anyone sitting to your immediate left or right at a table. Which apparently has something to do with why seating plans are set up so you’re never sitting with the person who was listed on the same invitation as yourself, or the person you walked in the door with, for that matter.

Of course, at many a cotillion you’re not exactly seated, but you ARE eating. Which rules does it follow? I don’t know. I just talk to whomever talks to me.

10 Relona, 12725
(edited on 14 Nelona, 12730)
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