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Orin LaRuun

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 44.0 "Pitch Dark"

Imperial Captain Dr. Orin LaRuun

Private Higgins report addendum:


Genius technology inventor.

Nonetheless, it is strange that this Twi'lek engineer holds the rank of Captain in the Galactic Empire.

Intel reports that he has designed a new, possibly more resilient hyperdrive engine for the Death Star.

You already know that Lexics wants to jack that entire thing and take it for a joy ride, Commander, so if you go with that plan I guess this is the guy you need to snag for the pit crew.

- database entry updated Datunda
34 Kelona
Aligned Organization

Brutto's notes:

Paperboy, did you just quote a classified report finding in transmission to a known unsecure datapad?

- 34 Kelona 12728
Higgins' notes:

It's a report, Sarge. For the Commander.

- 34 Kelona 12728
Brutto's notes:

That means confidential intel is in-person report only!

- 34 Kelona 12728
VNY's notes:

Brutto, omae, you are absolutely right to be miffed
Whats-his-name Illyan wanted it transmitted in the clear as bait. He gave Paperboy specific instructions to do so. In public. Over snacks.

This is why I don't work that side of Information Security. I don't see what good it does to have Dr. LaRuun know we looked into him.

- 35 Kelona 12728


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