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Ishan Durganov

Petty knight, head of security for Count Sebastian Vorstepanov of House VorCadriaan

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 29.0 "Safe"

Sir Ishan Durganov

VNY's notes:

In 12725 he lead the Vorstepanov family's Armsmen, took the kidnapping of Alexandria Vorstepanov very personally. He would most likely have sworn fealty directly to Count Sebastian Vorstepanov of House VorCadriaan.
By 12729 he was being reported as the head of security for House Vorkalloner which is part of House VorCalipsa, at least according to Morris Van Turpin of Pan-Galactic Holo-News.
Which is ... odd.
Maybe even "impossible".
Did the news get a name wrong? Probably. Which, though?
- database entry updated Satunda
Winter Fete
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