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Fresia was the second planet from the star Fre'ji in the Fre'ji system of the Torranix sector in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. Located between Galand and Cal-Seti on the hyperlane known as the Agricultural Circuit,[3] it was a terrestrial world 10,308 kilometers in diameter, with a breathable atmosphere and standard gravity. As a result of extremely slow axial rotation, Fresia's day lasted 528 standard hours, while its year lasted 132 standard days.   Fresia had seven moons, which produced complex and extreme tidal cycles. The world's climate was temperate but varied wildly, with violent storms occurring often, and its mean temperature was cool. The planet featured oceans, and its terrain included rocky islands and fractured archipelagoes. Fresia featured an abundance of indigenous wildlife, including the Coromon headhunter, but reptiles and amphibians were rare due to the climate.   The world served as the headquarters of Incom Corporation. The Galactic Empire brought in many nonhuman slaves to work for nationalized Incom, most of whom lived on the Coromon Islands.
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