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Between Rocks and a Hard Case

semi-coherent notes scribbled by Dizzy's player on April 30th, 2016

General Summary


See also: Between Rocks and a Hard Case: Iwa for the nice Wookiee lady's take on these events.




You just never know what you'll run into while out on a simple cargo run! ;)
— the GM


It kills me how popular we've become in such a short time!!

Notes from the GM during the course of the adventure:

It takes a moment, but you are able to pick up an encrypted channel that can only be what you're looking for.
Whoever set this up isn't stupid, it varies in frequency. It is allowing the pods to communicate with each other. And the pods to communicate with the large asteroid to starboard of the Banana Republic / Deez Nuts.
You think you recognize the frequency modulation. It reminds you of paramilitary tech.

From eavesdropping:

"Bravo 1, Rabbit is being moved."
"Advise, could be Rabbit's associates."
"No problem. Got the stunner mines ready. Call when we've got someone watching from the nest."
"Will do."

The six deploy out of the altered drop pods.

The first two are dressed like you would expect. Pirate / patchwork powered suits.
Then there are the other four.
In Freeworlds Space Command Special Weapons and Tactics power armor.

A message flashes across the channel you're listening to:

"Go Go Go! This could be the break in the case! Make sure that weasel doesn't get loose and get that case to Rogga's people!"

Captain of the Devastator:
Name: Captain Mira Ivanova

Rewards Granted

And, in the end, while the crews of the Banana Republic and the Redwood did not become a lot richer ( That was how many TONS of pyralite and mexalite you watched float away and be vaporized, Rushlight? ;) ) … they stopped a thief trying to smuggle an ancient holocron to Rogga the Hutt!


Which … given the rocky history between the crew of the Banana Republic and Rogga … who can really be surprised?


Freeworlds Space Command did agree to foot the bill for the fuel costs, and did allow the crews to claim salvage on one turbo laser battery from the confiscated ship… once they had disabled its firing ability and plugged it. After all, they need to make sure its safe!

Character(s) interacted with


This is Iwa's first adventure in the Shards of Infamy campaign.
Report Date
30 Apr 2016


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