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Gökhan's Demand

It was May in the 200th Year of the Prophet. The armies the Three Cities Pact had mustered to resist the hosts of Gökhan and Xylil had been shattered, and Gökhan was on the way to Ridayda. Gökhan sent a messenger to Ridayda ahead of his host, delivering a letter to the Ridaydan assembly. In that letter, he demanded to be allowed into the city and named Emir. Though the demand was blatantly illegal under the laws of the city, the Ridaydan assembly debated it bitterly for two days. Ultimately, they forced their emir to abdicate and passed laws to allow the coronation of a foreigner. Gökhan would rule for three months, a period that would be known as one of the darkest periods of Ridayda's history.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

When the contents of the letter were made public, there was a public outcry and public demonstrations against the idea of rule by a Beirhamin. When the assembly ultimately chose to accede to Gökhan's demands, parts of the city rioted for days. The assembly had only partially restored order when Gökhan arrived, quashing the first wave of dissent against his rule.


The original text of Gökhan's demand has been preserved. Though Gökhan's decrees and the laws that allowed his rule to begin with were swiftly reversed after the Sabirids left the city, the letter remains as a warning of the danger the Beirhamin can pose when united. Kept in the archives of the Ridaydan Assembly, Gökhan's letter reminds the Ridaydans that the Beirhamin remain dangerous.
Authoring Date
19th of May, on the 200th Year of the Prophet


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Aug 8, 2021 18:39 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Such a great letter. I probably would have acquiesced to his demands as well.

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Aug 8, 2021 18:57

Thanks! I was trying to evoke a similar energy to Genghis Khan's "If you had not committed great sins, god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you" quote.

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I think you succeeded :D

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