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Armored Demon

A strange creature of the borderworld, the Armored Demon (also referred to as "Wrapped Demon" or "Gangly Demon") seems to be a breed apart from most of the denizens of the borderworld. A roughly humanoid shape, though far taller yet thinner than any man, the armored demon is wrapped in a black metallic substance over its entire body, akin to a cast iron mummy. Very poorly understood, the creature has been spotted in the Borderworld Exodus, where it has apparently made peaceful contact with the elves who live there. The creature has also been reported in Kraken's Domain by Hallaban explorers, though there it was less peaceful. In the Borderworld Exodus, the demons have occasionally negotiated for passage.


Like many borderworld demons, the armored demon has been rumoured to command magic from an unknown source, which would make it an Elder Power. The scant reports of their activities and abilities also suggest that they are capable of investing their powers into magical items like the shaftbuilders, and possess advanced technology. They also appear to be social, operating in groups. This would make them somewhat unusual among demons, most of which are relatively solitary and even fewer choose to rely on anything more than their inborn magical and physical prowess.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The armored demon stands over two and half meters tall, and is wrapped in black metallic strips over its entire form. With no visible facial features or even eyeholes, it still appears to be able to see and sense. It is uncertain whether the metallic wrappings are part of the creature or something it dons to protect itself, and the explorers from Kraken's Domain claim that the creature turned to mist upon being felled, leaving behind only the outer wrappings. These wrappings in themselves appear to be mildly toxic to folk.

Average Height
2.6 meters


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