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The Borderworld is a largely uncharted plane of existence that resides "between" the world of humans and every other plane. Accessing the Borderworld is possible through various hidden portals on the prime material, many of which are controlled by powerful planar entities on the Borderworld side. Typically, they are closed, but can be opened if certain conditions are met or if the entity that maintains it is wishes it. One portal is controlled by the Starseers of Exodus, and functions as the sole passage between Exodus in the Borderworld and their empire in Khely.


Borderworld geography is evershifting and largely impossible to accurately assess or keep track of. The plane is a battleground of the influences of every other plane, making most regions of the borderworld extremely transient. The elemental planes might descend on an area, leaving a lake of flame or a bottomless ocean. The plane of The Light might make its influence known, leaving a vibrant forest inhabited by fey and giant primordial animals. The Dark might create a bleak wasteland that can barely support life, and everything in between. The Borderworld can even host more exotic locales where the planar influence that causes them to occur is not apparent, and even sheer voids that seem to repulse everything.   The transient nature of Borderworld geography makes organized settlements impossible outside relatively small pockets of stability created by the persistent influence of one plane or another. Of course, even these stable zones are not necessarily agreeable to life. The only well-known zone of the Borderworld, the Borderworld Exodus, is likely only habitable to the elves due to The Pale Stars  which provide a limited amount of lifegiving light otherwise absent in Dark Zones.

Fauna & Flora

The creatures of the Borderworld, colloquially known as "Borderworld Demons" are as varied as they are enigmatic. To most people, creatures of the Borderworld are known mainly through legend and myth, and through salacious stories about the exploits of summoners and the vile creatures they bring forth from the beyond. The truth is both more and less terrifying than the popular conception. Many creatures of the borderworld are indeed vile monstrosities, and many conduct themselves as animals with the wits of men. Others are relatively benign, and others are reclusive, seeking to live in peace in a plane that affords that privilege to a rare few. Others are mere beasts in disposition, and many are not truly native to the borderworld, spilling in from the many portals to the borderworld from various other strange planes. In this plane, angels, demons, fey, elemental entities and other unknowable monsters do not coexist, but do encounter eachother. Outside the stable zones influenced primarily by one one plane, the Borderworld is a battleground plane, and many of the creatures that encounter are alien and inimical to eachother, and cannot exist in the same space.
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