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Alfne-Cacni Confederation

The Alfne-Cacni confederation is something of a legacy name, as the Cacni have been functionally destroyed as a clan since the Pits' War of 477. Currently a functional vassal of the South-Fahrig Trade Company, the leading Alfne clan has been forced to allow the free use of their port by the Condominium, and to accommodate the Red Sails there, while continuing to trade with the Condominium on terms effectively set by them.   The confederation still contains most of the clans that founded it, except the Cacni who have been unable to elect a chief in recent times. The Alfne chief remains the most influential chief, and mostly deals with the Runberi in Spur Alfne. As always, the confederation functions as a tributary and diplomatic web with clan Alfne at the center, organized along clan lines. However, the shock of the Pits' War did cause some of the loosely affiliated highland clans to largely cut ties with the confederation.


The Alfne and Cacni were (and Alfne still is) two significant Tescarana clans in the southeastern lowlands of Grand Tescary. The Cacni were one of the few sulfur-mining clans, operating a clan pit about 20 kilometers upriver. The Alfne were a coastal clan, with good trading relations and decent farmland. The land they resided in was called the Veleii, named so after the legendary Child of Uni claimed as the founder and ancestor of both the Alfne and the Cacni.   The location of Spur Alfne brought them great wealth from neighboring rural clans, and the Cacni had brought a few highland clans into their orbit as well. Though dominated by Alfne and Cacni, which absorbed a few other clans by way of intermarriage and conquest, the council of the confederation also included the chiefs of Acilu, Cestna, Sciria, Haltuni, Uxumnei, and Shalvi. Though their relations with Runberi merchants had been friendly in the past, the Runberi demand for sulfur soon grew to require the entire productive capacity of the Cacni to meet. The Condominium attempted to then convince the clans to go to war against neighboring clans in order to capture slaves to expand the sulfur mines, and promised to arm the clans for this effort.   The council was, however, not interested. Content to charge higher prices for the scarcer stock of sulfur, the confederation did not expect that the Runberi might seek to simply take over the Cacni's pits. When the officers arrived next time, they were no longer asking for more sulfur but demanding it. When the council refused to accommodate them again, the Red Sails sailed as far upriver as they could, and the mercenaries of the Condominium took over the pits.   The confederation has been allowed to survive in some form, though the Cacni pits are no longer controlled by the Cacni, and the clan in general has been scattered from its ancestral grounds. The Alfne have been forced to watch as the Condominium brings in slaves through their city, and in general relations are strained. However, the might of the Red Sails has maintained an uneasy peace.
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Poor Cacni. :( I really like how the confederation was formed, and then the Condominium had to come in and screw it up...

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