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Life is precious, or so many say. But where does this vitality go once death makes itself known? Some say it return to the spheres themselves, to help give rise to new life. Certainly, it does not just disapear, for how else would wraiths be born. These strange, amorpheous beings are formed where life flows freely. Where many things die in short order, lost life may pool into a new being, this being the wraith.   Wraiths subsist entirely on pure life energy, sucking it out of anything they come across. Feasting on this energy even gives them some of the qualities of their prey, and wraiths who have managed to suck the life out of sapient species may grow frightingly wise and calculating. Yet not matter how smart they get, their hunger for life is everpresent, as they slowly bleed it back into the world. Thus, wraiths are ever eager for more.   In battle, most wraiths are direct combatants, using their semi-tangible state to slip through enemy defences and greedily consume their life energy. Smarter wraiths might set traps, use decoys or other such examples of subterfuge to render their prey even more vulnerable.

Basic Information


Wraiths a formed from a slightly translucent, glowing mass that effortlessly shapes itself into whatever form the wraith desires. This substance is hard to affect with physical means alone and is unaffected by poisons, diseases and similar ailemtns. It brims with vitality, energy which actually serves to harden the wraith against attacks, though as the wraith weakens, so does its defences. The ever-shifting chaotic mass seems to change its properties at times, sometimes capable of withstanding the mightiest blaze, other times shrugging off even the mightiest thunderbolt. No two encounters with a wraith, even the same wraith will be quite the same. The wraiths semi-corporeal existence also enables it to slip through purely physical defences. Even the thickes armour has trouble keeping the vitality sapping touch of the wraith out.

Genetics and Reproduction

Wraiths engorged on life may occasionally split into two wraiths. Otherwise, new wraiths are born where life is spilled in copious amounts.

Growth Rate & Stages

The growth of wraiths depends on the success of their hunting. As they feast of life, they grow bigger and stronger. On the other hands, unsuccesful wraiths tend to wither and shrink.

Ecology and Habitats

Wraith can exist anywhere, though given that most wraiths are born of spilt life, they tend to appear in dangerous areas.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wraiths feed on the raw vitality of anything living, sucking them dry and leaving behind only withered husks.


Wraiths have little in the form of natural predators. When coming across anything, wraiths usually either attack if it's alive or ignore it if not. As a result, some undead keep wraiths around as pets or allies, an associations that occasionally gets wraiths confused for undead themselves.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Wraiths can be quite competetive against one another when it comes to claiming territory. How exactly this is settled can heavily depend on the relative intelligence of the wraiths.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Wraiths are rare, but are found on a number of different spheres.

Average Intelligence

The intelligence of wraiths varies heavily from wraith to wraith and seems to depend on what they've fed on. A wraith that has fed primarily on animals will have a beastly mind, but one that has fed on sapient beings will often develop the ability to reason. Their thoughts still centre mostly around their near endless hunger and how to sate, but more sapient wraiths might develop secondary interests and pursuits.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wraiths sense life around them and uses this to navigate the world.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Wraiths, if they do decide on a name, often choose descriptive ones. Many have also been named by others, especially if they build up enough infamy.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Amissa Vita
Does not age
Average Weight
2-10 kilo
Average Length
1.3 - 2.2 meters long
Average Physique
Wraiths are only somewhat tangible and posess little strength as a result. They can be somewhat quick, though and subsisting on pure life energy makes them quite tough.

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