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Solar Confederation


The old confederation was extremely decentralized, the central government had only jurisdiction over the federal army, to regulate relations between member states, federal justice and police, everything related to the common currency and to ensure that democratic values as well as respect for human rights are respected by member states, if this is not the case, the central government can take coercive measures to ensure that it is. It should be noted that the states will be authorized to have their own armed forces, this was necessary for the states to agree to sign.

However, they are counterbalanced by the federal army which is large enough to precisely prevent it from being done moved by the states. In addition, the federal government can take control of national armies in a crisis situation and can call them into battle. Finally, it also collects the contribution of each member state which is fixed in the constitution at 10% of the revenue of each government, it can also set taxes or certain regulations on companies and on what relates to space to finance itself with the agreement of the General Assembly. The president was elected by universal suffrage by the entire population for a six-year term.


The Solar Confederation is the government that took over the leadership of humanity from 2068 to 2200, it unite the countries of Earth, Mars as well as the governments of the Moon and Ganymede after 2076. A few months after the founding of the Confederation, the countries of the world will also, in order to increase their political influence in this new confederation, form several regional unions which will turn into real states. Some continents will merge entirely since they are quite close culturally, such as North America, Central America, Oceania and Europe, which will unite to form one big countries.

Other more culturally diverse continents like Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia will create several that roughly respect cultural boundaries. In order to be on neutral ground, the signing by the countries of the founding charter will take place within the international base on the Moon which is known today as Inerba, the largest city of the latter. The rest of its history was marked by the conquest of the solar system thanks to the Fusion Drive and the Star Drive which came about sixty years after the first. The last significant event of this period was the discovery of wormholes, the Venus crisis and the Zhihaho Complex Disaster which prompted the creation of the Federal Republic.


The Solar Confederation is the ancestor of the Federal Republic and was dissolved in 2200 when this one was founded. This dissolution of the old confederation was brought about by the discovery of Rachida Laouri, the Venus crisis and the Zihaho Complex Disaster which showed the weaknesses of the very decentralized political system of the Confederation. These events led to a popular uproar which forced the leaders of the various countries making up the Confederation to take part in negotiations for the signing of a new constitution. The fact that Mars, Luna and Earth have been united under a single government for over a hundred years and that it has a culture, policies quite similar also made it possible to negotiate an agreement allowing to endow the new central government with much more extensive power which also led to the creation of several crucial institutions today such as the Senate.


The territory of the Solar Confederation spanned the entire solar system. There were two planets and one moon where most of the population was located, that is to say the Earth, Mars and Ganymede. At the start of Confederation, the Moon acted as a very important port for ships making the long journey to the outer solar system. However, the discovery of the Star Drive will remove this function, which drastically reduces its importance and therefore its population. The same will happen for Ceres, except that the latter will be totally abandoned as a settlement.The rest of the system was covered with a myriad of outposts, research stations and mining complexes from the Solar Confederation, member states or private corporations.


Although the Confederacy has never, throughout its history, been in contact with another political entity that could have threatened it. The lying of a professional army was necessary for a multitude of reasons. The first being of course to be able to enforce the authority of the federal government with the member states which still have national armies, to ensure a rapid reaction force in order to help the population in the event of a disaster and to protect the roads trade against piracy. Even if this was small because of the socialist economy of the member countries which favored economic equality for all, removing the motivation for many to join criminal groups. Unlike today, the armed forces were divided into three branches, the Navy, the Air Force and the Army, the latter both having specialized sub-branches to be able to deal with all types of situations.

Technological Level

This period was marked by a strong technological development which saw the birth of several key technologies which are at the base of the republican society of today. The mastery of neutrinos communications, the Star Drive, the development of genetic engineering and the slowing down of old age all began to be mastered in this period.


It is at this time that the inevitable decline of the old great religions will begin, with economic, political and social stability regained, the need for comfort of the population through religion will quietly erode. Around 2100, the Catholic Church followed by several religious organizations, unable to pay its operating costs due to the decrease in constant tithe income and the elimination of stock markets will definitely collapse. The same pattern will be reproduced with several centralized religious organizations, faith then thinking at the level of individuals and local communities who will finance their places of worship themselves. However, the number of people declaring themselves religious within humanity will constantly decrease to drop below the 50% mark when the Confederacy dissolves into the Federal Republic in 2200.

Agriculture & Industry

As today, food production was done by vertical farms and traditional ecological farms, which ensures non-polluting, inexpensive production and ensures food self-sufficiency for the Confederation. The same goes for the production of meat which was ensured by the production of synthetic meat. The production of energy was ensured by nuclear fusion and the Confederation had a very developed industry which concentrated mainly on Mars and the Earth.

Trade & Transport

The main industrial centers of the Confederation were Earth, Mars and to some extent Ganymede which processed most of the resources from the outer colonies. Mars was also a hub between the inner and outer planets of the solar system which turned it into the economic capital of the system. Earth being primarily a prominent political center serving as the headquarters of the Solar Confederation.

Civitatum nos ortum

2068 - 2200

Geopolitical, Republic
Successor Organization
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The General Assembly is the the legislative apparatus of the Confederation and used to represent the people of each member state, a number of representatives proportional to its population is given to it. It approves or rejects the composition of the government, the laws of the latter and the changes to the constitution, the parties composing it can also vote on motions to express their point of view.
Judicial Body
The judiciary of the confederation is composed of two major bodies, the first is the Federal Court of Justice which is responsible for settling disputes between states based on the constitution and several laws which constitute the basis of interstate law. The second is the Supreme Court which is responsible for dealing with cases related to criminal, civil and constitutional law, whether at the level of state or federal laws. The courts are composed of nine judges who are appointed by the President who selects them from three candidates chosen by an independent commission.
Executive Body
The executive consisted of the President and his cabinet who administered the few federal departments that then existed, the President is elected by universal suffrage for a six-years term. The winner of the election then composes his government by proposing three candidates for each position at the General Assembly, which will choose one.
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