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Constitution of the Federal Republic


The main purpose of the Constitution of the Federal Republic is to organize the Republic's government, to regulate the powers of the various institutions and positions of power that compose it. It was written to provide an organizational framework during the creation of the Republic and, despite some significant changes throughout history, has always kept its primary goal of putting the people at the center of the Republic.

Document Structure


The constitution as such does not contain the consequences that members of government incur if they do not respect their powers. On the other hand, if they do not respect this one, the Republican Criminal Code provides for this several sanctions which range from dismissal to heavy prison sentences.

Publication Status

The constitution is accessible to all citizens of the Republic on the RSN from the official government website. It is also on display in theSenate House, the building where the Senate sits, in New York in its visitors' section. An electronic version is available there and can be consulted by them if they wish.

Legal status

The constitution is the supreme law text of the Republic, it has effect on all the territory of this one and affect every level of government. However, unlike a law or the criminal code which can be applied to citizens, the constitution only applies to the order of government and to those who hold office within it.

Historical Details


The Federal Republic Constitution has special significance for the Republic. Indeed, it was its ratification that truly marked humanity's transition from an interplanetary civilization concentrated in the solar system to a true interstellar civilization. It is its ratification that also marks the beginning of the exploration of the wormholes that have enabled the discovery of dozens of new solar systems that have allowed humanity to extend far beyond its solar cradle.


The Constitution was the result of the government reform of the Solar Confederation in good shape after the discovery of the wormhole network. Indeed, the Solar Confederation did not have a constitution and resembled much more to a deep alliance than a real state. The creation of the constitution was initiated to give the newly formed Federal Republic strong institutions and a true legal identity. These reforms were made necessary, in particular to definitively put an end to the states which had subsisted until that time.

Public Reaction

The constitution was overwhelmingly very well received by the population, even if some refractory movements did not like the fact that the states were abolished. However, after ten years, the creation of the constitution as well as that of the Republic was widely accepted as a good thing.


The constitution left a legacy of solid foundations for the development of a strong democracy. It also allowed the Republic to acquire political stability which will greatly benefit it for its expansion. It has been modified many times over the course of history but has largely retained its original goal of put the people at the center of the decision-making process.


No time limit is placed on the content of the Constitution, but revisions are generally made to prevent its content from becoming obsolete over time. These revisions must be approved by the Senate and then by referendum among the population with a simple majority.
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