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Alliance Charter


The Alliance Charter is the document that was created in 2268, it is the result of two years of negotiations and contains rules common to the three members within the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant. Its creation was intended in particular to ensure total freedom of movement within the Alliance, to set up more cooperation in particular at the level of internal security at the border wormhole, common rules for trade and a further cooperation on immigration.

Document Structure


Members who do not respect the Alliance Charter within their territory will lose their right to attend the Council until they have complied with it. This clause has so far never been used because members have so far respected all articles of the Alliance Charter.

Publication Status

The document is publicly available on the RSC within the Republic and is written on a plaque inside the Alliance Council building in New York, each member on their capital also has their own Alliance council building where the Alliance Charter is accessible to the public. It is also publicly available in the Zelvan Council and the Myrran Trade Union on the equivalent of the republican RSC.

Legal status

This text has the force of law in the territory of the three members of the Alliance, that is to say in the territory of the Federal Republic, the Zelvan Council and the Myrran Trade Union which must respect all the articles of the Charter and implement what is requested.

Historical Details


This document is based on the old treaty that united the Federal Republic and the Zelvan Council, the integration of the Myrran Trade Union obviously required a total rewrite. At the same time, the name was changed to better represent the usefulness of the document.


The creation of a charter was made necessary with the integration of the Myrran Trade Union into the which rendered obsolete many of the articles of the old founding agreement of the Alliance, this will make possible greater cooperation between members in the areas of trade, defense and internal security. The Charter began to be written in 2266 and was officially ratified in 2268 by the three members and put in place most of the current regulations within the Alliance, it was modified several times during the various Alliance Councils. It will bring the members even closer together and lead to the creation of the most powerful alliance in the alpha quadrant.

Public Reaction

The Charter was fairly well received by the people of the Federal Republic and the Zelvan Council but met with some resistance within the Myrran Trade Union because of a greater trend towards decentralization of the myrrans who viewed this supranational alliance with some suspicion. However, the insistence of the federal government and a favorable opinion from the four corporations, very important players in the economy of the Union, will tip the scales in favor of the Alliance. This forced the recalcitrant planets to accept this state of affairs even if the population was quite divided. However, over time, the population saw the advantages that the Alliance brought to the Myrran Trade Union and made most of the protests disappear.


The strengthening of the Alliance as well as the membership of the Myrran Trade Union allowed it an undisputed military power within the Alpha Quadrant. To date, the Alliance has, by combining the military forces of the three members, the largest military forces in the known galaxy.
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