Longiok-Class Onager

The Longiok-Class Onager is less of a warship and more of a mobile orbital defense platform, utilized by the Otrok Imperium. While sometimes thought to be the successor of the Ekorok-Class Quinquereme, the Otrok battleship, the Longiok is descended, as its classification suggests from the Onager Defense Platform.   The Onager Defense Platforms were created by the Threshyk Empire for planetary defense, and in many cases had survived the fall of the empire, maintained or restored by planetary inhabitants. As the new Imperium grew however, it sought to replace the trappings of the age of the Threshyk, not to mention, most pirates and smugglers had become well versed in their way around the Onager's systems. A new and heavier platform was needed as the Imperium grew and possibly fought new and greater enemies.   This greater enemy came in the form of the Evergrowth. Needing to take down the colossal forms of their new enemy, a Yutiki engineer turned the project into a test bed for a number of new technologies, including both the Gen-II Hyperium fusion drive, and the now common neutron-laser. In order to be able to redeploy where needed, the Longiok was developed into something that resembled a traditional warship.   The Onager is best described as an anti-starliner or moon weapon. At over half the length of the Pentog-Class Star Fortress, the Longiok could perhaps be mistaken as a Starliner of its own. However, due to its immense size, and the experimental nature of its development going far outside its budget, the Longiok is considerably harder to produce than traditional defense platforms. While undoubtedly instrumental in holding off the Evergrowth, the development of it could be considered a failure, the older defense platforms remain in use to this day.

Power Generation

The Longiok's primary energy source is a series of eight matter-antimatter reactor, though its Hyperium fusion drive units can also be drawn upon as a backup energy source. As a defensive platform, the vessel is also able to wirelessly draw power from surface power transmission units.


The Longiok's development is technically the origin of the Gen-II Hyperium fusion drive units, though the size of the vessel resulted in it being the third vessel to actually be deployed with them. The Gen-II drives take advantage of improved field-thrust vectoring to create a more durable drive with a smoother distribution of thrust, plus the ability to control thrust vectoring to provide greater maneuverability. The drives are also notably safer and more durable.   The graviton generators on its fore and aft sections can also be used to provide thrust. For maneuvering the vessel also comes with the usual laser-induced fusion thrusters.

Weapons & Armament

  • 1x Longiok-Pattern Tetryon Hyper-Lance: A Tetryon particle, or "Holzmaan" particle, is a particle native to four-dimensional space. Since these particles are a property of hyperspace, they become highly energetic and unstable when they are extruded into normal space, which can occur by both natural and artificial means. The Hyperlance funnels these particles into a space-fold field, accelerating the beam to near-lightspeed velocities. These velocities depend on how much power the vessel is able to charge for the shot, which is increased if paired with an external power supply such as a planet's wireless power generators. At its maximum capability, the lance is capable of firing these beams at super-luminal speeds, creating causal paradoxes. That is to say, the beam can appear to penetrate its target before the weapon is actually fired.
  • 36x Aljordan Tar-Pattern 12.8m Neutron Laser Battery: The new 'swiss army knife' of the Otrok navy, in double-barreled turret form. With a stabilized neutronic coil arc reactor as its power source, a Neutron Laser is able to fire a beam so devastating that it not only is able to punch through the thickest of armour, but also sends a blast wave of electromagnetic energy that scrambles circuits and synapses alike when it strikes its target. The electromagnetic burst also makes it effective at crippling some forms of shields, similar to ion weapons, meaning even if the laser itself is ineffective, a second shot might suffer less, if any resistance.
  • 400x Carnex Tar-Pattern Plasma Carronade Battery: A four-barreled version of the Carnex-Et Plasma Carronade used on the Yshak RF-X Class Battle Barge. It otherwise has identical capabilities.

Armor and defense

  • Assembled Adamantium Armor: Extracted from the Imperium's various Adamantium deposits, vessel features both thick armor but a durable hexagonal superstructure that gives the vessel high structural durability.
  • Particle Shields: A particle shield creates a barrier of charged particles. It is in essence a projected form of reactive armor, designed to melt projectiles before they come in contact with vehicle.
  • Ray Shields: Similar to a particle shield, a ray shield uses charged particles to provide defense. However, the structure of a Ray Shield is fundamentally different than a particle shield. Rather, a ray shield is of relatively little use against against kinetic attacks, and is instead designed to cause energy attacks to flow across its surface to diffuse their charge. It is commonly paired with a particle shield due to their complimentary natures.
  • Everguard Coating: Developed from studying the adaptive properties of the Evergrowth, Everguard is a form of anti-beam coating that is spread across most Otrok vessels and fortifications. This coating is able to adapt to provide better resistance against energy weapons that strike it.
  • Graviton Shield: While unable to form full deflector shield across the vessel, these graviton generators provide additional protection to the vessels' fore and aft, making attacking it from the side the best avenue.

Additional & auxiliary systems

  • 10x Phylon-Pattern Tractor Beam Emitter: A Yutiki invention, these graviton streams allow the vessel to capture or repel smaller vessels.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Longiok is not a dedicated carrier but can carry up to six hundred strike-craft.

Otrok Assembly Forges
Owning Organization
Otrok Imperium
4 013m
17 912m
2 367m


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