Sunset Dinners

Senset Dinners are an Arcanist religious tradition in which Arcanists are to, if possible, eat outside or near the window at sunset and be grateful for what they have done and have that day.  

Beginnings of the Tradition

  In 579 AA, the one of Dorimus's first royal seers, Cassius Edmyr, entered into a fugue state for three days and three nights that no one could wake him from. When he woke up he immediately began writing the famous Arcanist religious text Gratitude and Gratefulness, which is a short treatise on how life is short and full of dangers and that it is a prescriptive duty to be grateful for what you have and what has happened for you as it can end at any time.   While the text itself can read as grim, ultimately Edmyr read the general experience as a positive one and developed the tradition in his own home of Sunset Dinners that occured on the rooftop of his home near First Night's Burning Square where you can see the bay and sunset.   Due to Edmyr's fashionable and popular status in court, Sunset Dinners became popular. Eventually they spread to all classes in Dorimus society and currently sunset is Dorimus dining's most busy time.


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23 Dec, 2021 20:59

Oh this is a lovely tradition, I always love it when people come up with simple every day life things! I'm curious, what happens when the sky is too cloudy and there are no sunsets? And are the things one is grateful for meant to be shared, or do Arcanists spend the meal in silence simply reflecting on their day and lives? Awesome work, this is really nice :D

Creator of Arda Almayed