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  Solus is the world in which my novel, The Arcana Quest, takes place...  
“A quest is no laughing matter. Foretold by prophecies, quests are world-changing events in which the actions of one or a few people have the power to change the course of history. One of the most famously prophesied—and written about—is The Arcana Quest."   Quote from Quests Unfulfilled: Future Modern Myths by Ariel Arynn   There are nine Arcane Artifacts, items blessed by the nine gods called The Arcana that, when gathered all gathered together in the proper place will grant any boon the Seeker desires, from godhood itself to saving the world. Prophesied about for thousands of years, since the time of The Arcana arriving in this world, all that is known is the epitaphs the prophets give to the players in this quest: the Maiden, the High Lord, the Young Lord, the Star, the Seeker, the Child, the Songstress, the Leader, and the Twins. Two opposing groups—The Order of the Seven Stars, which want to use the items to better the world and Green Fire, the group determined to keep the items safe until the proper prophesied person can use it for the good of the world—have been battling for thousands of years determined to win these items of power for their own goals.   Antigone was unaware she would have any part to play in this—at least, at first. She was a student taking her exams to enter university in her home country of Verdun when her home city was attacked by the army headed by The Order of the Seven Stars. She finds out as the army marches closer to their door that her father and godmother are involved in Green Fire and, unawares, is given the Locket of Decompo–one of the nine Arcane Artifacts–to protect as the city is conquered.   Unawares of what her godmother told her to hide until it was too late, Antigone is brutally tortured and her father is captured. Determined to save her father, she flees Verdun with the help of the goddess Logos and heads to Dorimus, the central location of Arcana religious worship and where it is speculated by quest seekers that the final place where the god boon ascension will occur. She is determined to find the Arcane Artifacts herself and trade her father’s freedom from captivity with The Order of the Seven Stars led by the Light Lord and tyrant Herald Grunel. Her goal is to attend Dorimus University, which has the leading research library of the world, and study the Arcane Artifacts to find their locations. With multiple artifacts, she will have the power to attract Lord Grunel’s attention and trade her father’s safety for the items.   However, her plans change when she meets a young Dark Lord named Edward Van Helmont who not only has another Arcane Artifact, unawares, but has familial knowledge and history that might help her on the quest. The ring can only be worn by a member of the Van Helmont family so she cannot take it and trade it for her father—and even despite a Dark Lord, Antigone is not willing to sell his life for her father’s. As the two of them reluctantly work together after a confrontation that results in injuries and a blood curse for protection cursed onto Edward by Antigone herself, she begins to wonder if perhaps they are the Maiden and the Young Lord of the quest.   Antigone and Edward are not the only players in this game, though…       Solus's world header template created by Blade/Castor