Antigone Fairview (ann-TIG-a-nee)

Antigone Fairview is one of the narrators of The Arcana Quest Series and is The Maiden of the quest prophecy.  

Early History

  Antigone Helen Fairview was born on a hot August day to parents who were so happy to finally get a child they had wanted--Jonathan “Jace” Fairview and his wife Helen Fairview had tried for several years with many miscarriages to have a child and finally got their first. However, tragically, she would be their only child as Helen passed away when Antigone was three from complications of the flu turned to pneumonia. Her mother and father were not magical, a sore spot along with her father’s disability that led to Antigone's grandmother disowning him from her half of the family inheritance. However, his father of the Fairview family did not and gave his son his inheritance when he left home so the Fairview family was quite comfortable financially. Jace, who valued education above all things, spent a lot of that money on hiring private tutors for Antigone's homeschool education.   Jace was an Arcane Researcher. Despite not being magical himself, it led to him almost being obsessed with magic as a coping mechanism for being the only non-magical child in the family for generations. Once he was on his own, he moved to the country of Verdun and began doing research on antiquity magicks. He met the nonmagical daughter of a history professor who was herself fascinated by antiquities. They fell in love and after a year and a half of courting--often with antiquity-themed traditions for their own amusement--decided to get married. It would be three years after that before they had Antigone.   His daughter, who had magic, ended up helping him with things like books that could only be opened by magic, checking for curses on items, etc. This led to them being very close and Antigone and Jace being partners in crime. Antigone had always planned to be an arcane researcher like her father but had no idea how deep into the field she would go. She had local tutors teach her up until the war at the age of fourteen ended that, but she learned on her own from books and from her father--beyond the fact that Antigone was always talented and far ahead of her agemates anyway. She did long to meet friends her own age, though, and had planned to attend Verituna University in her hometown once she was old enough--or Dorimus, but that had seemed a far off sort of dream for her as she hadn’t wanted to leave her father so soon.    


  The day after Antigone took her exams to enter Torrin University, Lord Herald Grunel launched a surprise attack upon the small city of Torrin. Unawares to Antigone, her father and godmother are members of Green Fire, an opposing ancient occult group to The Order of the Seven Stars believing that the Arcane Artifacts should be protected until the Arcana Quest happens and The Maiden on The High Lord come seeking them for the betterment of the world. Her godmother passed The Locket of Decompo (one of the nine Arcane Artifacts) into Antigone's hands secretly, knowing that her father would give up the Arcane Artifact for her sake should she be threatened.   Unawares, Antigone hides the locket on her person and does not realize the cost this would cause her until her father is captured by Lord Grunel and she's left to be tortured to death for snarky remarks she made in his presence. She is saved from death by the intervention of the goddess Logos, who leads her through the battlefield outside Torrin and commands her to flee to Dorimus. Full of regret, she decides that she will gain more information about the Arcane Artifacts and shall try to trade that information--and the Locket--for her father's release once she reaches Dorimus and can safely barter in a neutral location.  

At the Beginning of the Story

  Antigone reaches Dorimus almost a year later, having had to cross the war-torn continent on foot and finally take an illegal boat to smuggle her across the Continental Channel to Dorimus. She reconnects, against her better judgement, with her paternal family, including the grandmother that had disowned her father for not having magic. She begins looking for more information on the Arcane Artifacts, but instead finds Dorimus's hidden Dark Lord...and the Arcane Artifact he wears on his person at all times.   How is she supposed to get this item when the wearer is even more powerful than Lord Herald Grunel himself?  


Shy, can be blunt, restless, depressed/anxious, judgemental/perfectionistic, all work and no play, lack of self-confidence, sensitive  


Caring, kind, concerned with others, hard-working, disciplined, warm, reliable


Antigone comes off as shy and demure at first, especially as she feels very awkward whenever meeting new people. However, she is not as awkward socially as she feels. However, once she knows you she can be rather blunt and more than a bit of a know-it-all. However, she is a kind person and a loving friend who does not hurt anyone intentionally who is not hurting her or someone she loves first. She can be a know-it-all, especially as she spent her whole life around adults and very few children her own age to teach her social skills. Can be very self-critical but she does have confidence in her magical knowledge and her ability to survive. She is determined to make the world a better place and stop Lord Grunnel and will do anything to do so, no matter the cost. The ends justify the means for her and she will do a lot “for the greater good.” It may tear at her soul but the price of losing is much worse. She also, no matter how many times she fails, is the type to dist herself off and jump into the thick of the fray again. She easily gets restless, especially once she’s excited about an idea. She wishes she could actually enjoy the traveling she has done and wants to do it for fun once this is all over--when she is not feeling maudlin that she won’t survive this at all.  


Standing at 5' 2" or 158 cm, Antigone is not a particuarly tall person. Everything about her is bony--a bony body, a long and bony nose, and is all stick and bones from the trauma of not having regular food while on the run. Antigone also has dark blonde hair that had to be cut short due to matting while on the run and has large brown eyes.

Antigone's character template by Castor/Blade
  • Name: Antigone Helen Fairview
  • Age: 18
  • Birthplace: Torrin, Verdun
  • Faceclaims: Elise Aarnink and Imogen Poots
  • House: House Whitley-Fairview, but disowned via father from the Whitley side until Book 2
  • Family:
    • Husband: Edward Van Helmont
    • Father: Jonathan "Jace" Rhys Fairview
    • Mother: Helen Jocelyn Fairview nee Morn
    • Uncle: Reginald "Reg" Johan Whitley-Fairview
    • Aunt: Edmina Alysanne Whitley-Fairview nee Diggory
    • Grandfather: Archibald "Archie" Gregor Whitley-Fairview
    • Grandmother: Elizabeth "Bette" Ysandra Whitley-Fairview
  • Religious Affiliation: Arcanism
  • Career: Student
  • Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
  • Gender: Non-binary, she/her pronouns
  • Enneagram: 1w5
    • Astrological Signs:
    • Sun: Virgo
    • Moon: Sagittarius
    • Rising: Virgo


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