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The Disk

The largest mountain in the solar system became even more amazing after Mars’ dramatic terraforming operation. The violent rainfalls and windstorms that came with it shook Olympus Mons like a tree covered in snow and shrugged off the loose dirt that caked it, creating a natural cement when mixed with the churning tempests. The result was the creation of dramatic ledges and outcroppings along the shield volcano’s side that eventually served as marvelous locations on which to build shipping ports, and “the Disk,” as it eventually came to be called, became Mars’ largest public shipping and transit location. Ports stagger up and down its side from its base to its massive plateaus, and every major corp in Sol owns a chunk somewhere or another. The Disk features housing and shopping both within and without, and there are many Vectors who spend nearly their whole lives never leaving the place. MarsCo is the official owner of the Olympus Mons complex, but massive representations of every major corp can be found within its perimeter.


  • The Disk North End
The Disk North End