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Veldera is the primary birdkin power, drastically growing in scope and influence during the rise of the Cult of Fenithia. The capital city, Velos, is the largest city in Skydaria and is home to many different species. Velosian gryphons were also a common race with many buildings and structures designed to accommodate them. Veldera was formed after the Gryphon War as a joint birdkin-gryphon nation due to the desire of a group of birdkin to live with and support the gryphons. After many years of this relationship some of the gryphons chose to live with the birdkin in their communities, becoming known as Velosian gryphons and gradually replacing the tribal gryphons over time.   Veldera was a originally a kingdom, ruled by both a gryphon and a birdkin. After Velosian gryphons became the dominant gryphon race, the kingdom shifted to a sole birdkin rule with Velosian gryphon support while the tribal gryphons migrated to the outskirts. During the rise of the Fenithians, tribal gryphons become persecuted and their villages destroyed, with the survivors fleeing to refuge settlements along the border.  
  • Symbol: Gryphon
  • Colors: Yellow and silver
  • Dominant Species: Many birdkin species, gryphons


Veldera is ruled jointly by a bonded birdkin and a gryphon, each one dealing with the affairs of their respective race, though both individuals esentially function as one. Both rulers are referred to as King, and the position is hereditary. The birdkin are organized into villages and cities where they practice agriculture and skilled trades, each with their own local governments and at least one representative that serves under the birdkin ruler. The gryphons are organized by clans in natural habitats, each with a chief and a council of elders, with the chiefs of each clan serving as the representatives to the gryphon ruler. Settlements and clans are given as much independence as possible. Veldera is more of a shared territory between birdkin and gryphons rather than a single nation, but both races have equal standing. All settlements have both gryphons and birdkin with the capital Velos being the primary settlement of cohabitation between the two races. Each race's lifestyles are accommodated as much as possible. Generally, gryphons served as protectors and lent their abilities to the birdkin in exchange for materials and territory, though there are variations on this relationship. For example, some birdkin live in gryphon clans in a similar fashion to the relationship between gryphons and beastkin while multiple gryphons can live in a single birdkin settlement (birdkin provide agriculture, crafting, medicine, other material goods while gryphons provide protection)

Public Agenda

The primary purpose of the Kingdom of Veldera was to allow birdkin and gryphons to live together peacefully in the same territory, in contrast to the separation between the two races which occurred at that time. No one race is superior to the other and each one has their own strengths and limitations. Veldera was intended to serve as a model for eventual unity between birdkin and gryphons.


  • Beginning: Formed at the end of the Gryphon War by birdkin and gryphons who wanted to live together
  • Formation of Velosian gryphons: The turning point in Velderan history where the birdkin in Velos made arrangements with the gryphons to breed gryphlings of their own using a special technology. Over time, these gryphons became integrated into birdkin society and formed a new race called Velosian gryphons.
  • Rising of Fenithia: A secret group of birdkin calling themselves Fenithians figured out how to harness elemental energy from the gryphons for their own use and fostered the belief that tribal gryphons are inferior to birdkin and their Velderan gryphons. This led to the Gryphon Persecution
  • Gryphon Persecution: Initiated by the Fenithians, it involved the forcing out of tribal gryphons from Veldera as well as the destruction of settlements that choose to resist. Because of the now large population of Velosian gryphons, a significant number of Velderans did not oppose these actions. Many gryphons were killed or captured, with the remainder fleeing to newly-created refuge settlements near the eastern Velderan border along with those Velderans who supported them.
  • Creation of the Fenithian Empire: Formed by Val'en after the Gryphon Persecution in response to the exploits of a group of birdkin, beastkin, and gryphons who are working to stop the new conflict between the birdkin and gryphons

Demography and Population

The capital city, Velos, has a population of approximately 50,000 birdkin and 25,000 Velosian gryphons. There are approximately 100 individual gryphon clans with a total tribal gryphon population of 20,000.


Only the portion of Skyhead which is held by the gryphon clans and settlements is governed by Veldera.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
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