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Birdkin are the dominant anthro race in Skydaria, branching out from the gryphons in an incident where a group of gryphons lost their elemental energy along with their mammal attributes. Birdkin by nature consider themselves to be the superior race and they have been in numerous conflicts with the gryphons throughout their history. The birdkin are equivalent to humans in the most advanced civilizations of the time, utilizing new technological and scientific knowledge over the years.   Birdkin are subdivided into several species based on Earth birds. Since these are separate species, they cannot interbreed, though they each encompass multiple Earth bird species. Major species include: raptors (falcons, eagles, hawks), owls, parrots, gamebirds (pheasants, fowl), corvids (jays, crows, and ravens), seabirds (gulls, terns), waterbirds (ducks, swans, geese), shorebirds/waders (sandpipers, herons, storks plovers), and songbirds (swallows, sparrows, finches, thrushes, blackbirds, etc).

Basic Information


Birdkin are anthro avians with two wingarms and two legs. The wingarms are wider and flatter than a human's arms, about twice the average width, with three fingers and a thumb at the tips. These limbs are completely covered in feathers with the fingers long and narrow mimicking flight feathers, lacking the presence of claws or nails. They are not used for flight since the birdkin do not possess the energy needed. Other than this, the arms and the torso have the same proportion and shape as a human. The head is the same as the birdkin's respective Earth bird species except with a humanoid proportion and do not possess the ears that the gryphons do. The upper legs are structured like a human though the lower legs are shortened to allow for the lengthened digitigrade feet of the bird. Feet are the same as with the Earth species they most closely resemble, though in proper proportion to the rest of the body. Tail feathers are present in place of a tail. Feathers cover the entire body except the lower legs/feet and beak (with the exception of certain species such as snowy owls)   The internal anatomy is avian, though the skeletal system is strengthened for ground based movement and tasks.

Ecology and Habitats

Birdkin developed developed civilization through the use of agriculture and have a human pattern of living and development. They settled in the western half of Skydaria, which has flatter and more fertile soil. They were able to live independently from the gryphons, though some communities made arrangements to have a gryphon protector, compensating them with material goods and services. In general, the birdkin strongly prefer to live separately from gryphons and beastkin due to a sense of superiority.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Western Skydaria

Average Intelligence

Birdkin take the intelligence of their gryphon ancestors and expand on that with technological and intellectual development. They do not possess the level of environmental knowledge that the gryphons have, however.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Birdkin possess the sensory capabilities of their respective Earth species, but all of their senses are as least as strong as a human's. As anthros, they can produce understandable speech but utilize their various bird calls as well.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Agriculture was quickly developed by the birdkin and was their reason for settling in the western part of Skydaria due to its flatter and more fertile soil.
80 years
Average Height
Average Weight
120 lbs

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