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Cult of Fenithia

The Cult of Fenithia is the organization that led to the formation of the Fenithian Empire. Its public objectives are to promote birdkin development and the utilization of gryphons to their maximum potential, but its true objectives are only known to a select few. The main goals of the Cult of Fenithia are to enslave, use, or destroy all non-Velderan gryphons and rule over all of Skydaria.


There is a shadow group within Fenithia which reports directly to Val'en that is responsible for the attacking and capturing of gryphons.

Public Agenda

The Cult of Fenithia claims to be a group that supports the development of birdkin and Velderan gryphons. Their pubic beliefs are that birdkin are entitled to technological advancement and that gryphons should not have sole access to elemental energy.
Religious, Cult

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