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Skydaria is a special continent in the world of Amoria created using the foundation of elemental energy by the Sylverans and settled by the gryphons, both survivors of the ancient avian civilization of Avaria. Six elemental parts govern the environment and geology of Skydaria: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, and Electric. The continent is self-contained, completely surrounded by ocean and cut off from the rest of the world. Natural laws of physics are followed as much as possible with the elemental energy being used to bend these laws in certain ways (primarily within gryphons but also in terms of environmental regulation and structure) Modern Skydaria is centered on four dominant races: birdkin, beastkin, gryphons, and Velderan gryphons. Birdkin live predominately on the western side of Skydaria in four main kingdoms and have medieval-level society along with technology developed from the elemental energy. Birdkin formed their kingdoms out of numerous smaller nations which were divided based on species. Gryphons are divided into tribes based on elemental type and organized into numerous clans. Beastkin tend to serve gryphons or live under their protection, and have developed as much as the birdkin over time, with different species living among different gryphon tribes (though a considerable amount live among the birdkin) in their own villages/cities. Velderan gryphons were bred for the birdkin from gryphons and live in the Aven settlements of Veldera.


Skydaria is in the shape of a gryphon with regions named after parts of the body. Different regions have different climates based on element and sun length is similar to the mid-latitudes of Earth with the presence of seasons. Because climate is regulated by the elemental energy, Skydaria is home to a wide variety of climatic regions that are much more distinct than those on Earth. In general, the western half of the continent (with the exception of Skyhead) is flat and temperate, the central part is mountainous and dry, the eastern part humid and tropical, and the northern part cold and icy. Most of the freshwater is located in the western portion with numerous rivers, streams, and lakes. The southeast is mostly wetland with a tropical forest to the east. Central Skydaria is primarily desert and dry mountain ranges while the north is perpetually covered in snow and ice. Earth is still the basis for all natural processes and cycles and this world could be considered an alternate version.

Fauna & Flora

Animal life is primarily mammals, birds, invertebrates, and fish; there are no reptiles or amphibians. Different regions are home to different species of animals: a wide variety of Earth species are present but only a sampling of the major families. Plant life is typical for the region they are in.

Natural Resources

Skydaria has a wide variety of natural resources; since it is self-contained, every resource needed by civilizations can be found there. There are vast forests, large mountain ranges, an extensive system of streams, rivers, and lakes, land available for agriculture, animals for materials and for food, mineral and ore deposits, and of course elemental energy itself which can be used for fuel.
Included Locations

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