Independent Isles of Bren

The now independent Isles of Bren are a loose federation of islands, each governed independently by merchants and pirate lords. Sometimes these are one and the same. The federation mostly includes strict non-aggression-pacts between the 27 fleets of the islands, that are ignored on a regular basis to settle some rivalries between those fleets. Regularly meaning in this case daily.


Silver, Gold, Copper, Granite, Chalk
Natural Resources
Coconut Plantations, Oysters, Rich Fish grounds, sugar
27 fleets of various sizes, ranging from 2 small ships up to 15 large four-masters


Early beginnings

  Even though several elven settlements existed centuries before the Ruling of Coexistence, the Isles were seen as an extension of Baradolia for a long time. During the years 500AR to 700AR they were explored more and more and settled occasionally by smaller human groups. They understood themselves to be under Baradolian protection, especially when occasional raids from Affeiand and Bartona happened. A coexistence with the elves was achieved soon ad the Brenari tolerated the claim of Baradolia.  

The monarchy of Bren

End of 12th century   The biggest island of the group called Bren was initially inhabited by a small elven clan, controlling the biggest natural port in this island directly located near rich gold and silver deposits. It is unknown, how they got the attention of a bigger raiding crew from Bartona, but together with some opportunistic merchants, they took control from the elves (even though no report of bloodshed exists) and procclaimed the independence from Baradolia in 1190AR as well as calling it the Kingdom of Bren.  

The colonization Wars

End of the 14th century   After more then two centuries of a tense truce between Bren and Baradolia, the latter initiated heavy efforts to colonize and control most of the islands of Bren. What followed later became known the war of colonization, during which Baradolia, Bren, Affeiand and Bartona each participated, developing new ways of magical nautical combat. After developing the first black powder cannons for ships however, Baradolia emerged superior out of this conflict in 1401AR, being able to have more devestating resources available independent from magicians.  

The independence Wars

middle of the 15th century   The dominance of Baradolia should not last long. Not even half a century after the procclamation of Bren as a colony to Baradolia, the pirates, merchants and descendants of the former council started a resistance, ultimatyl forming fleets of piratecrews. They were able to cut off the trade. and supplyroutes to Baradolia and avoided direct sea battles, wearing the occupants down. In a great battle they toppled the govenour and declared independence in 1465 BR.  

Era of the Independent Federation

End of 15th century till now   As a direct consequence, the various pirate crews, consisting of humans, orcs and elves, Brennians, Affeiands, Bartonians and rebellious Baradolians and even more nationalities, soon established a federation of crews, working out the ownership of most islands between them and keeping mostly true to this concept for the past 250 years.
Political, Federation
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

  • 4252 BR

    The First Elves settled on the Brenari Islands

    Descendants or rather a splinter group of the Minari arrived in the islands of Bren, driven by their sense of adventure

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  • 500 AR

    700 AR

    Exploration of the islands by humans
    Cultural event

    Several small groups of humans from Baradolia learn to navigate the waters around the Brenari Islands

  • 1190 AR

    22 Lirini

    First contact on Bren
    Diplomatic action

    The Brenari elves are visted by a raiding crew from Bartona. Surprisingly the event passes without bloodshed.

  • 1190 AR

    15 Tetros

    Foundation of the Kingdom of Bren

    Founded on the winter solstice, a new kingdom emerges on the islands.

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    Kingdom of Bren
  • 1380 AR

    1393 AR

    Strong colonization efforts from Baradolia
    Diplomatic action

    Baradolia sends group of millitant settlers to the Brenari Islands to slowly regain control over the Archepelago

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  • 1393 AR

    1 Gazezu

    Beginning of the Colonization Wars
    Military action

    Seeing the continuing settling as a slow invasion, Bren declares war on Baradolia.

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  • 1393 AR

    12 Fermoni

    Affeiand enters the Colonization Wars
    Military action

    Called as support for Bren, Affeiand declares war to Baradolia

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  • 1393 AR

    25 Atruno

    Affeiand drops alliance with Bren
    Diplomatic action

    First on the side of Bren, Affeiand soon realizes that control over the Brenari Islands would give a huge advantage for trade and military. The war becomes a three-way-conflict.

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  • 1393 AR

    14 Zommos

    Bartona declares war on Baradolia
    Military action

    Bartona and Bren forge an alliance. The conflict with Affeiand is not in the open yet.

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  • 1396 AR

    11 Atruno

    Sea battle of Gantum
    Military action

    Affeiands changed allegiances cost them dearly

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  • 1400 AR

    5 Hamina

    First Black-Powder cannons
    Discovery, Scientific

    Being able to be operated by non magical personel, Black Powder Cannons drastically changed the amount of powerful ships a naval fleet could build up.

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  • 1400 AR

    19 Vitukua

    Bartona and Affeiand pull out of the war
    Diplomatic action

    Being wastly inferior to the many canon-laden ships of Baradolia, both Bartona and Affeiand quickly negotiated a truce with Baradolia.

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  • 1401 AR

    19 Gazezu

    Bren surrenders
    Diplomatic action

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  • 1401 AR

    21 Gazezu

    The Kingdom of Bren is disbanded
  • 1401 AR

    22 Gazezu

    The Brenari Islands become a colony of Baradolia
    Political event

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