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Dwarven Whitesteel

The unmistakable magical gleam of white with a shimmer of purple was the first he saw from the knight. Torben gasped unwillingly for he had never imagined someone rich enough to possess so much of Whitesteel to make a full set of armor of it. But that was not enough, the warrior before him used Whitesteel to engrave his shield, the saddlecloth of his horse, even his cloak seemed to be interwoven with the metal. Torben never thought he would ever see something so majestic.
Whitesteel is the steel alloy developed by the dwarves of Aliretar after their original recipe for Dwarven Steel was identified as the source of the devastating plague Blue Steel Taint. The steel is using a different magical treatment to form an alloy, rendering any danger to the dwarves moot. Furthermore, it contained a large amount of Atuminit, a metal found almost exclusively in the mountains of Aliretar but is very common there.
Due to the steel being very adaptive to contain magical spells, its natural fortitude, and the appealing looks, Dwarven Whitesteel was very quickly highly sought after. For a while, it became as valuable and as exclusive as gold.
A few decades ago, however, a method to replace Atuminit with Silver was discovered and since then Baradolia with its rich silver deposits has started developing a high yield production of Whitesteel themselves.


Material Characteristics

When he touched the ingot that was going to make him a rich man, he saw himself distortedly reflected on this beautiful matte white surface. A purple glow seemed to expand from the ingot to his hands - he felt a peaceful warmth emanating from it as well.
Dwarven Whitesteel presents itself as a white metal, usually with a matte shimmer of purple under any light. Usually, it feels a bit warmer to the touch as other metals metal and is often surrounded by a sensible aura of magic.

Physical & Chemical Properties

What fool makes a magic sword out of iron? Every dwarven apprentice knows to use whitesteel for that!
Along with Gold, Dwarven Whitesteel has the highest rate of enchanteability. Its durability is on par or higher than those of other types of steel.
Normal to High Value
Slightly Rare
White-silvery with a purple gleam


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2 Jul, 2018 20:07

I love all the quotes! They add a lot to the descriptions! I also like all the bits about how rare it was but other people have started making it too.

2 Jul, 2018 20:27

Now that's one sexy metal! The idea of a metal causing a disease is fascinating so I greatly enjoyed that, but it's good to see that the dwarves were able to bounce back from that. I can only imagine what such a thing did to their reputation and moral, so the fact that they were able to create another, better metal that became popular to the point of wanting to copy is a testament to their skill as smiths indeed!   Also, small thing, but it looks like this sentence "Usually, it feels a bit warmer to the touch as other metals metal and it oftenbysurrounded with a sensible aura of magic." contains a typo.

2 Jul, 2018 20:43

i love it! i really like that you tied this in with your previous worldbuilding (your plague article). it makes a lot of sense that a new material would be forged to make up for the one causing the disease. clear description and easy to understand the purpose and appearance

2 Jul, 2018 20:55

Glad you likec it! I think I near a point where I can tie mord and more stuff together and that is becomjng lots of fun! And if you liked it, please be so kind and hit that button as well :)

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4 Jul, 2018 10:26

A matte shimmer of purple! oooooh I would love a dagger made of this

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