the Winter Pass

It is a long trek from Niskala to Lenthir. When you arrive to the Winter Pass, you know you're halfway there.


67% human
33% Inmali Elven


Two of the three inhabitants are hired by the Inmali army to keep watch over the people that crosses the border. Inmalenor has good relations with all its neighboring countries, so an invasion is not taken into consideration.

Industry & Trade

Sometimes, a trader or two will camp here, offering goods to the people crossing the border, and restocking the three inhabitants that live here. Everything else concerning trade and industry here is that there might be an Inmali official here controlling the goods moving over the border.


There are two buildings here. One is the barracks, and one is a tiny inn run by one of the three people who live here.


After Kassila burned down, the Winter Pass became the largest - and only - settlement in The Winter Wall area.


The settlement is located in a natural pass in The Winter Wall. It's low enough to have a couple of trees growing, but these are barely larger than bushes. A small stream runs down the side of the mountain, where it will connect to Nemosh at about the same point where the road starts following the river southwards.

Natural Resources

The Winter Wall is naturally rich in metal ores, but the harsh weather prevents anyone from mining it. Other than this, there might be some possibility to gather meat and furs from the local wildlife, but not enough to keep a large population alive. A bit lower down the mountain side there are some mountain goats that can be hunted, but this is on the Kuprian side, so any of the local inhabitants wouldn't hunt these creatures.

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