The Winter Wall

A wall of mountain rise on the border between Kupria and Inmalenor. This is the Winter Wall. Despite being one of the less hospitable places in the world, people live here. The small mining town of Kassila used to be the largest village in this area before it burned to the ground, so now the Winter Pass is the largest settlement with its three permanent inhabitants.   Most of the mountain range is above the altitude where trees stop growing, and the weather conditions in this area is very often inhospitable.


Formed as an effect of plate tectonics a long time ago. The mountain side on the Kuprian side is steep and almost impossible to get up. On the Inmali side the landscape is more flat, but at the top of the mountain range, the peaks are sharp and menacing.

Fauna & Flora

Only plants that survive at very high altitudes grow here, and there's no trees.   The fauna is mostly consisting of small rodents and some foxes and other small predators.

Natural Resources

The mountains have some metal ores in them, but other than that, there's not much else than snow.
Mountain Range

Cover image: by Milladamen


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