Only Inmali humans when it still stood.

Industry & Trade

The mountain in which Kassila is built upon is full of copper, and only the distance from the main road and the scarcety of both area to build on and resources for survival stopped the little hamlet of growing huge due to the riches of the mountain. They had to trade for everything else, even firewood, for the copper they dug out.


In addition to the houses of the people living there, there was a community hall for getting together, as well as the mine.


Most buildings here are simple, and built out of rocks. Windowsills and doors are made of imported wood. There are no fancy designs on any of the buildings - everything is built for function.


Kassila is built high up on a mountain side, where there were a natural small plateau where there were just enough room to establish a tiny village and some mines.   The only water available comes from snow that is melting higher up in the mountains, as well as melting snow during the long winter.   The view from Kassila is amazing, and it's possible to see for miles on a clear day, but only further into Inmalenor. The view to Kupria is blocked off by more mountains in the way.   There is a small natural path going up to Kassila from Kupria, but seeing that the Winter Pass is close by, and much easier to get through, practically no one uses the path up to the village if they're going anywhere else than directly to Kassila.

Natural Resources

Much copper, almost nothing else.


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  • 2076 AE

    Kassila burned to the ground
    Disaster / Destruction

    Everyone in the little mining village is killed when the town burned down to the ground. The fire is not natural - someone set the town on fire at will. No one is blamed for the fire.

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