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Smoking of food has been done for thousands of years, even before the Elders arrived. It's unsure exactly when smoking became a thing, but it's known as an ancient technology that has been used all over Shireon.

Why People Smoke Things

The smoke has some kind of chemical thing that prevents microorganisms from growing on the food. The heat will dry out the surface on the food, which is another way to preserve the foodstuffs.

This will make the food last longer, which is good when you don't want to eat it all at once. Also, the flavor will change, making it delicious.

Perfect for Travel

Since dried food lasts for so long, it's perfect as travelling food. It's drier than most other food and will make less of a mess in whatever the traveller is carrying their things in. It will also last for quite some time before going bad.

Famous Smoked Dishes

In Inmalenor there is a famous smoked meat made out of smoked seal meat. It's known among people who travel in Shireon, even the ones who come from the south. The meat is smoked with no extra flavouring, leaving the seal flavor clean.

Alon the southern coast, especially in Asharia, there are several kinds of smoked fish. Wartarak is one of the kinds of fish that is famously smoked, and the kinds of spices used both in the smoke kindling and on the fish itself varies from settlement to settlement. One of the most famous kind of smoked fish is the smoked Wartarak with the local spice mix from FISHYSETTLEMENT.

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