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Hunter's Feast

To you, our hunting rites might seem barbaric. We see it as a way of thanking the Great Hunter Eluin for the successful hunt and the Great Stag Vaenis for the bounty we've gathered.

The Hunter's Feast is an important part of the hunting traditions of the Enari.

The Heart and Blood

The one who makes the killing blow to the hunted game is gifted the heart. The heart is considered the best part of the animal to eat and is one of the trophies of the hunt.

As long as the hunted animal seems healthy, some of its blood is drained into a cup and drunk by the hunting party. It's expected to have at least a small sip of it. A portion of the blood of the first slain animal of the day is used as face paint as hunters draw decorative lines on each other's faces as celebration.

The Feast

The Feast is only done if the party have actually been successful in hunting down and killing one or more animals.

When the hunters are done hunting for the day and set up camp they prepare a grand feast using some of the meat they've hunted. While hunting they usually forage herbs and berries from the forest to use in the Feast. As they're making camp, the different tasks are divided between the hunting party members.

As the meat is sizzling over the campfire, the hunters give prayers to Eluin for the successful hunt, Vaenis for the animals they've been allowed to slay, and to Enarias for the forest they hunt in. Everyone in the party participate both in the cooking and the prayers.

The Feast itself is a joyous affair, and using moderate amounts of Eaphelas isn't uncommon among the hunting party. Some Feasts might include ritualistic dancing, but this is not a rule and usually done in a more spontaneous fashion.

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Important Elements

Hunted Meat
Hunting is an important part of Enari culture, and the meat of their hunted game is considered sacred.

Fire is important in all Enari rituals and always used in the Hunter's Feast.

The Enari always thank their deity Enarias and His two spirits Eluin and Vaenis for their bounties.

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