2019 Plans Ahoy!

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The year 2018 was the year of progress, as I started out from scratch and now, in mid-January 2019, have a total of 113 240 words scattered over like a million 300 articles. I'm realizing I should now focus on getting the basics down, like the Introduction to the World article, the articles about the different nations, the major geographical areas, and an overview of how magic works in my world. I need to go through all the oldest articles and edit, expand, correct and despoilerfy them to a standard I could be happy about, as well as connecting them to more recently developed lore.

I also need a better map. My laptop sounds like an angry vacuum cleaner if I even think of opening Wonderdraft. Good thing my Battle Control gaming PC is built to handle VR (even though we never got around to buy VR gear), and shows no signs of struggling with the glory that is Wonderdraft while faffing about on Discord and having about fifty tabs open in Chrome. Shireon needs a better map. All the nations should get their own maps soon. And all major cities like Lenthir and the capital cities should also be mapped out.

Then there's art. I need better header images for a lot of my articles. I've spent some time making header images for the different nations in January already, as well as for three of the Great Houses of Kupria, but I need more. Like for major organizations like the Ravenous Ravens. Some samples of what I've made this year:

Great Houses

House Irevos cover
House Artesa cover
House Menteri cover

Nations & States

Great Houses of Kupria cover
Enarion cover
Lenthir cover

Look at those sexy transparent headers! Ahem. Anyways. Now that I'm starting to get the hang of Paint.net these home-grown banners will start popping up in articles.

My last goal is to start streaming. I know, there's probably like a million streamers doing world building already. And I won't be especially good at it, so why would I even bother, right? That's where all my insecurities come in. Or rather, trying to poke at them a little so they might eventually go away. Or something. Anyways. Goal: Set up a stream where I just mess around with some world building. Maybe even with some secret behind-the-scenes lore bits. Who knows?


  • Articles:
    • Introduction to the World. It's about frackin' time I made one.
    • The Nations needs more filled out articles
    • Major geographical areas
    • Overview of Magic
  • Maps:
    • Better map of Shireon
    • Maps for all the nations
    • Maps for all major cities
  • Art:
    • More custom headers
      • Nations/states
      • Large organizations
    • More custom art in general, I guess?
  • Streaming:
    • Random world building stream


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