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Shattered Horizons

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Welcome to the Shattered Horizons Wiki

The Last Refuge

In the beginning, millions of Realms once existed in a single universe. Inhabitants were able to roam freely to whatever Realm they chose. The ten thousand realms are all that remain of the original universe after the unused clay of the gods (Prima Materia) rotted from disuse, it descended upon the Megaverse, corrupting whatever it touched, culminating in a grand purge of 99.9% of the worlds. In a last-ditch effort to protect the surviving realms are now protected by barriers of warped space-time called Firmaments. Firmaments are the only thing preventing a Realm’s destruction from the Materia that still roams the original universe.
Concentric Rinds by MC Esher
In a collective decision, the gods segregated the Realms, as mass travel between them would weaken Firmament walls. To prevent planet inhabitants from leaving their Realm, the gods struck humanity with an onslaught of calamities; poverty, wars, and natural disasters. The gods will only lift this plague until the materia can be destroyed. Hopefully, somethings will change as a new generation of humanity seeks to push their worlds out of their endless cycles of turmoil.

A Multiverse of Variety

The multiverse of Shattered Horizons is home to 10'000 distinct Realms - each Realm being centered on a populated planet. These life-sustaining planets foster different flavors of humanity, shaped by their histories, magic systems, and pantheons. This wiki features planets ruled by noble houses who negotiate via mutated gladiators; an endless cavern whose sun has become a glowing fog that keeps the stone warm and life possible; mist-shrouded plains with a dozen spatial dimensions; or a mundane Earth covered in a clockwork machine, unprepared for what will happen when the machine winds down. All these worlds and more will be explored via a variety of sources: letters, explanatory articles, and story snippets. The story will be told from the perspective of four main characters: Ramiel, a veteran fighter for the noble house of Cancer; Israfel, a newly minted Demigod stuck in an abandoned asylum for her kind; Leviticus Blue a half-mad researcher who delves the true origin of the Realms; and Isaac Reyes, a mundane human who is about to be forcefully plunged, headfirst, into the Multiverse.

Tone and Themes

Shattered Horizons is a Noble-Dark Setting. This means that while many parts of the setting may be bleak, enough action on the part of the collective can turn back the current state of the universe and reshape it for a better future. The main themes of the work are Unification, Diversity as Strength, and Direct, Collective Action.

The Parts of this Project

1. This WorldAnvil is the World Bible, meaning that every facet of the setting I create will be displayed here so people can view as much as they want. Housed will be character profiles, world histories, item descriptions, magic systems, and anything else that might impact the world.
2. There will be a series of novels that document the struggles of the denizens of the worlds
3. If I can find the time, an RPG conversion book so that Gm's can set campaigns in the Universe