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Champion Ramiel (a.k.a. Whirling Claws)

He's the strongest current Champion in House Cancer. Known for his use of the House's specialty weapon, A slicing and grappling pair of gauntlets. His career in the Coliseum has been defined as being a heel for the other fighters; one's whose impressive defensive abilities have led him to be relatively unscarred despite being a winner of several famous bouts.

Physical Description

Body Features

Pale white skin, formally red eyes (now his eyes are tri-segmented with 1 pupil in each section) and short, cropped white hair.

Identifying Characteristics

His new eyes which are distinctive and expensive. Magically enchanted to see 18 extra colors, he sees the world in a way no one can literally imagine. in addition, They allow him can keep track of his fists at full speed, which is straining on a normal mind, given that he punches with the force of a 240 mm Howitzer M1 cannon.

Physical quirks

When he's stressed out, he will walk sideways and paces back and forth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ramiel, like all Champions was taken from the villages that the The Dodecarchy set up to keep a stable population of humans going while still having enough excess to use for their indulgent purposes.  From a young age, Ramiel avoided forming attachments to the other children his training cohort, as he knew how few of them would even make it to the Arena or construction sites.     Compared to the other Children, he was especially skilled at pushing everything out of his head to get a task done. This talent is what allowed him to remain at the top of the cohort. He may not have been the largest, or the fastest or the smartest, but he was consistent in a way those who specialized never were.

Gender Identity





Like all Champions, he had an equivalent understanding of the world as a Middle schooler, but he has several years of physical conditioning, military training and the additional training to be a skilled yet entertaining fighter in the Arena.


Ramiel spent his post training days out in actual military combat for a few years before he was taken from the army to be made into a Champion.

Mental Trauma

Despite the general hell most Champions go through, Ramiel has been relatively sane. This is more unnerving to the organizers of the fights than to the other combatants. His largest Issue is a general apathy about everything around him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, Cunning, Lacking in ethics.

Morality & Philosophy

He's self-interested and rarely goes out of his way to do anything for anyone, save if he's ordered to. He a master of malicious compliance and often does tasks that he's ordered with the bare minimum, and the wording twisted to his favor.


He hates using or gaining more of the magical Augmentations  that boost him above superhuman. He may be able to punch through a building or shoot a beam of water with the force of a tidal wave, but he hates that each augmentation removes him from his previous humanity. He especially hates his most recent augmentation, His new eyes.
Trisegmented and extremely green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
5' 9''
Character Prototype
Ramiel is based on the Mantis shrimp. A psychopathic little crustacean that can punch/spear with the force to crack bullet-proof glass. Some species hit so hard that it causes the water around its forearms to cavitate, creating boiling bubbles that pop with a burst of light.

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