Salfield is a unique area, technically owned by Chrenada while lying between Chrenada and The Wakari Coast, where an ancient vanished lake has left a rich salt plain.   The plain is beautiful in its natural form, gleaming white in the sun. The area is brilliant, often hard on the eyes with the glare of sun on white crystals. Where water lies on the surface, there are beautiful reflections in eerie exactitude.   The salt plain, however, is not an object for tourism. The area is dedicated to the harvest of salt, an industry heavily reliant upon slave labor in the difficult environment. Because of the harsh working conditions, including the dangers of hidden quagmires beneath thin crusts of salt which can easily break under weight or pressure, the majority of the labor brought to the salt plains is enslaved criminals.   The salt and other minerals collected from the Salfield area supply supply table salt, preservation and industrial salt, and fertilizers for much of Chrenada and the Wakari Coast, and some fertilizing minerals are exported to Tyrg and other neighboring countries. The commercial import of the single salt plain cannot be ignored, and it is one of the most important and least appreciated components of the Chrenadan economy. When slavery and the potential end of slavery is discussed, no matter what arguments are presented, it is inevitable that Salfield will be raised as an example of the necessity of owned labor, as it is assumed few freemen would seek out such dangerous and difficult employment. Opponents of the institution, however, counter that most of the slaves going into Salfield are sentenced into slavery due to criminal activity, and criminals could continue to supply the necessary labor for the salt harvest even if industrial slavery were reduced.   Still, when one can look past the teams of convicted slaves creeping about their harvesting rotations, the salt plain is a lovely place.
Lake, Dry


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