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"And hungry still for our reunion, I rode the light of the stars to you."
— Favorite Quote: Zenos viator Galvus, FFXIV
  Strixxline is an artist, worldbuilder, and streamer in the WorldAnvil community who consistently refers to themselves as a nerd, both personally and professionally. Lover of birds, LARPer, gamer, and language enthusiast, Line strives to immerse themselves with hobbies that bring them joy and inspire creativity.   They have been working on their world Malkora since 2018, and continue to pour tons of love into the project, which currently has no concrete end goal — except to be a creative outlet for an adventurous mind. Their proudest achievement is taking home two awards from the Worldbuilding Awards 2022 after returning to the community to pursue this passion project after a major slump and creative block.
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Polina "Line" Arteev
Chapter Leader
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June 26, 2021

Line's Project



Malkora is a world ever-evolving and shifting in the wake of an ancient magical cataclysm. Brought back from the brink long ago by divine graces, the people of this land must learn to adapt to warring elementals and divines, and magical forces which alter not only their lands, but all who live within them.

Line's Favorite Content from Malkora

Iskani Concepts by Polina Arteev (strixxline)
Ink-Stained Map of Malkora
This map may be a ruined cartography project, but you find that it is still quite useful in getting to know at least one corner of the world — the continent of Nefyran.   Luckily for you, the poor cartographer whose work has been ruined is not too distraught to tell you at least a little bit about some of the regions and some of the places within. Just don't be too pushy.


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