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These forests may be older than time as we know it to be. Our home, our lives, and our pride all reside within the lifeblood of these forests, our legacies mapped in the rings of every tree.   How could we not fight to protect such a place, with all that we have?
— Lessai Speaker
  Nimavi is a densely forested region of Northeastern Nefyran, occupying a large portion of the subcontinent's southern reaches.   The forests which make up Nimavi are known by most as the Hearthwood, as a nod to the region being the ancestral homeland of the nimata, among other smaller groups of leyblood humans.

Life in Abundance

Lush, green forests broken up by scattered clearings and waterways make up the bulk of Nimavi's environment. While Northeastern Nefyran is by no means a stranger to heavily wooded regions, Nimavi takes things several steps further; the farther one travels into the heart of the region, the denser the forest becomes, and the climate within shifts toward something borderline tropical.   Rapidly transitioning from sparse woodland to a semi-tropical rainforest, Nimavi is but one example of a region having been altered by the emergence of leylines. Where one might find it plausible to deny leyline influence when observing only environmental changes, seeing the flora and fauna which call these inner forests home removes all doubt of it.  
One such creature would include the Faespinner, a small drakora known to be a guardian of the Hearthwild. These creatures are inherently magical and often cannot appear except in regions where their associated leylines have emerged.

Leylines of Nimavi

Within Nimavi, two leylines have been observed to have sustained emergences: Potency & Genesis. The latter brought with it an immense force of life magic, while the former acts almost as a catalyst, greatly amplifying the other magics within the land. Due to the leyline of potency emerging to a major degree within the region, all other emergences, whether major or minor — or even trivial — see their effects amplified here.   Where emergences typically affect the land to a degree directly correlated to their geographically measurable reach, the leyline of potency empowers them to have greater effect in far smaller radii than would normally be required to achieve the same effect without the leyline's outside influence.

Isolated & Unknown

Though the outermost reaches of the Hearthwood are quite easy to reach and to explore, treading deeper into the forest proves too daunting for those who reside in the bordering lands, including the Brineveil Forest of Arsavela and Uris Braena to the north. Outsiders typically find little comfort in venturing into the strange forests of the deeper Hearthwood.   This is something that the residents of Nimavi have been quite grateful for, and the Valsheri in particular have been more than delighted to live their lives with little interference from outsiders. The people of Nimavi care little for conflict, and have avoided a great deal of it throughout history. What conflict did seek to find its way upon Nimavi's borders in all that time was thwarted with great haste, whether through diplomatic means or through less friendly means.   Keeping such a low profile has made Nimavi an unknown land to many, with most knowing it to only be a broad and dangerous swathe of trees and greenery which would swallow any traveler if given the chance. Those who pilgrimage through the Brineveil Forest are often given warnings to avoid venturing into the forests, too far from off the paths carved by the hundreds of pilgrims which came before. Though it is rather unlikely to suffer from the dangers of Nimavi's forests if one simply strays too far from the beaten path, warnings of venturing too far into the wood are not to be taken lightly.
Forests of ancient history and magic, peaccefully hidden in plain sight from prying eyes.
by Strixxline via Midjourney
Kingdom of Arsavela
Uris Braena
Potency (Major)
Genesis (Major)
Primary Leadership
Valsje Council
Pantheon of the New Age
Eastwind Pantheon (Regional Pantheon)

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