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There I was, approaching the clearing, and I saw them. There were so many, Ilor! Hundreds! No, of course I did not count them. How could I? I was so mystified by their light. You don't see the light so much when you're looking at just one of them. But in a huge group like that? It was a blessing to my eyes to see.
— Arrellov Micche, Lessai Harvester
  The faespinner is a curious drakora found in the depths of the Hearthwild. These small, unassuming creatures are known to be guardians of the Hearthwild, despite their reputation for mischief.

Ribbons in the Wind

Faespinners are winged drakora with serpentine bodies, typically sporting four legs. Their wings are, for the most part, vestigial, and now seem to serve a purely aesthetic purpose, as they do not need or use them to fly. Instead, faespinners rely on magical abilities which allow them to remain airborne and glide through the air much like ribbons in the wind.

Small But Mighty

Faespinner hides are much stronger than one might expect, with very durable scales covering their bodies. Being so thin, this keeps them from suffering much or any damage from being struck or stepped on by larger beasts or beings. Their scales lay perfectly flat on their bodies, making faespinners remarkably smooth to the touch, with coloration ranging from soft, pale greens and blues to the less common, more intense cool yellows or purples. Warmer-toned and colorless faespinners are rare but not unheard of.   Elder faespinners can reach lengths of up to six feet, though their narrow bodies are most commonly seen curled up, making them appear much smaller. Juvenile faespinners may be as small as one foot in length, and average three to four while maturing.

Strength in Numbers

Dragons, as well as other Drakora, are often a rarity in Malkora, existing as few in number. Faespinners, however, are a relatively short-lived drakora and are known to breed in large quantities throughout the year. It is common to stumble across gatherings of juvenile faespinners in Hearthwild clearings; this is a sight which delights many Lessai children, as they watch dozens of tiny drakora flutter off into the underbrush.   Given their small size and large numbers, faespinners are known to hunt in large groups. Faespinners are venomous creatures and will work together to deliver a fatal dose of venom to prey. The Hearthwild is ruled by megafauna, making the hunting tactics of these venomous pack hunters essential for their survival. The small creatures rarely do feed, so hunts are a significant event where one may find hundreds, if not thousands, of faespinners swarming a kill. Faespinners will always prefer a fresh kill and often refuse to scavenge, unless absolutely starving.

In Lessai Culture

The Lessai who inhabit the Hearthwild live alongside the faespinners and share friendly relations with the intelligent creatures. Many Lessai will offer tributes from their hunts to local faespinners as a show of respect.   It is considered abhorrent to hunt faespinners, whether it be for their scales or for any other purpose, and Lessai take such an offense seriously, no matter the perpetrator.

Mischief with a Heart

Though these creatures may occasionally pester their local Lessai, these interactions are largely harmless fun. Their malicious behavior is reserved only for intruders to their homes, and no faespinner that is sound of mind would think to turn on the native inhabitants of the forest.   Faespinners are revered by the Lessai for being guardians of the Hearthwild, posing the greatest threat to those who enter their forest with ill intent. These drakora are exceptionally skilled in reading strangers and will not hesitate to run dangerous invaders from their homes. They may be small, but the wrath of one faespinner can, at any moment, become the shared wrath of many.   Their penchant for bothering strangers causes them to be a major obstacle for foreign poachers and those seeking to harvest the fruits of the forest for their own profit. The Lessai are very strict regarding the harvest of their local flora and fauna, which has made produce and similar products from The Hearthwood exceedingly scarce and expensive. Overharvesting would mean the end of the forest's delicate balance, and faespinners make out to be the Lessai's greatest enforcers.
These little things just love getting in the way, don't they?
by Strixxline via Midjourney
Average 1,000-1,500, up to 12,000
Average Length
1' - 6'

Curled Leaves
Skrukavoli, the Nimai name for faespinners, is derived from words meaning "curled leaf."   Many faespinners attempt to hide within native foliage which matches the color of their scales, curling up around the plants as they wait for prey to arrive or for danger to pass.
The Light
Faespinners radiate energy fueled by the leyline of wild magic, which manifests itself to nimatan eyes only, as a radiant silver-green aura.   This energy is subtle enough to go mostly unnoticed when looking at only one faespinner, but in large groups it could be overwhelming.
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