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The Storm Thief, a pirate without a ship

Some time ago, the mermaid known as the Stormthief sank or disabled over fifty Scarterran ships to plunder them from the water though she claimed to have robbed close to two hundred ships.   The Stormthief's original name is not known, she used a wide variety of aliases and did not like to talk about her past. Whereas a lot of the Cult of the Storm said that Scaraquans should sink Scarterran ships with impunity, the Stormthief put these theories into practice.       She was a powerful weather witch and usually used storms to sink out right or at least often up her targets. She was a prodigy with Augmentation magic and could turn her fish tail into legs and her gills into lungs, as well as those of her crew quite easily.   She had fewer than two dozen crew mates, but they were all formidable warriors at roughly a third of them had potent magic, including an Ojiongo mage who could summon bubbles of air in the sea to take Scarterrans prisoner or summon bubbles of water in the air to give allies a respite or drown or immobilize Scarterrans. It also helped moving loot safely.   Originally the Storm Thief mostly sank ships, but she realized that looting was often easier from a disabled ship so they could take precautions to protect more delicate loot from taking water damage.   The Storm Thief and her crew became so infamous to the sailors of Scarterra that a great many sailors began attacking Merfolk and other Scaraquans that swam near the surface of the water indiscriminately. This earned the Storm Thief enemies below the surface of the sea as well above it.   One day the Storm Thief suddenly left on an expedition and never came back, nor did any of crew. Speculation is one her of many enemies finally managed to net the uncatchable fish thief.   It is also a common legend among merfolk children that she had a hidden cache of treasure hidden somewhere in sea, if only a lucky or daring adventurer can find it.
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