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Session 1, the pilot episode

General Summary

Session zero was completed much faster than I expected so I adlibbed some random encounters.   Aranil and Neshik were looking for reagents in the wilderness. We wanted to play test the combat systems so they were attacked by an ankheg.   They fought the ankheg and wounded it enough to cause it to flee.   The ankheg savaged one of their horses and mildly wounded Aranil but Neshik was easily able to heal it.   Neshik searched for reagents while Aranil hunted game.   About a dozen goblins tried to sneak into their camp to murder the pair and take their stuff, but Aranil passed his Alertness roll and started fighting them. When he was able to wake Neshik, Neshik was able to narrowly avoided getting stabbed in his sleep.   Neshik was able to use his Crafts to make his clothes, scoring an amazing six successes and blinding and dazzling the goblins nearest to them. Enabling Aranil to kill one and capture another fairly easily. Under interrogation, the goblin said they were just opportunistic robbers.

Rewards Granted



This session was adlibbed but later I retconned that the goblins were part of a much larger underground tribe that was forced to seek new territory after their old lair and hunting grounds were flooded.   I also retconned that this was the northern portion of the Duchy of Zimoz.
Report Date
17 Jan 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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