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Empress Javeeka's Call to Unity

"Regardless of birth or origin are citizens are equally valued under the aegis of the Imperial Stingray!"   -Empress Javeeka
"As long as you are a citizen not a foreigner or a skatti or a member of minority religion, you are an equal! Nevermind that almost nine tenths of the Senate is made up of merfolk, but there are at least two or three token Senators of the other races, Huzzah!"   -Jollak,0 Ojiongo agent provacteur
  Empress Javeeka was considered one of the greatest rulers the Oshamni Empire ever knew.   She is credited with starting the empire's longest period of continuous prosperity and her Proclamation of Unity was considered to be the main bulwark of her wise rulership.   The proclamation gave full rights of citizenship to most people living in the sovereign territory of the Oshamni Empire if they followed the nation's rules and customs and it stipulated harsh punishments for Imperial officials were overtly discriminated against citizens along racial lines.

Historical Details


The Oshamni Empire was the first major undersea nation to incorporate large numbers of all four major races of Scaraqua, merfolk, astalakians, Ojiongo, and Karakhai.   The nation had a lot of tension and conflict along racial lines and realistically still does, but supposedly things are better now than they used to be. It has been argued by many that this proclamation has simply made discrimination more covert.

Public Reaction

Initially, this did not go over well and the legionnaires had to violently put down a lot of protests, but generations later revisionist history likes to pretend that the Proclamations were universally accepted.
Decree, Royal
Signatories (Organizations)

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